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Dr. Anne Laarman, University of Alberta
Sponsored by the employees of Masterfeeds LLP, in memory of Shane Carson, Director of Nutrition

Dr. Anne Laarman is an Assistant Professor of Dairy Nutrition & Physiology in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional ScieLaarman_Photonce at the University of Alberta. Dr. Laarman joined the University of Alberta in 2019 after a 4-year stint as assistant professor of ruminant nutrition and metabolism at the University of Idaho and has secured over $3 million in funding. Dr. Laarman's work studies the development and adaptation of the ruminant gut to dietary changes, focusing on nutrient absorption and gut health. Previous and current work includes: cellular mechanisms of immunoglobulin absorption in newborn calves, impact of weaning on stress and nutrient absorption in the calf gut, and using feed additives to lower immune response during transitions to highly fermentable diets in lactating dairy cows and finishing beef steers. So far, Dr. Laarman's research has yielded some 20 publications and 40 conference abstracts. Dr. Laarman has completed 3 MSc students, 6 BSc students, and 17 interns. Currently, Dr. Laarman is supervising 1 PhD and 4 MSc students. Aside from research, Dr. Laarman also has a wide array of teaching experience in animal science, animal nutrition, ruminant nutrition, and macronutrient metabolism, ranging from first-year undergraduate to graduate courses; and has judged many undergraduate and graduate research competitions. Dr. Laarman also serves as the academic lead of the Dairy Research and Technology Centre at the University of Alberta, and serves on several conference organizing committees. 

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