December 04, 2018

Renew your membership today

Renew your membership today and continue to benefit from your society


  • Foster animal agriculture solutions for a hungry world
  • Ensure humane care of livestock.
  • Get recognition through CSAS sponsored awards.
  • CSAS sponsored travel awards for students to attend annual meetings.
  • Reduced cost to subscribe to Canadian Journal of Animal Science (CJAS).
  • Discounted cost of registration for annual meetings. 
  • Discounted page charges for accepted manuscripts in CJAS.
  • Be the first to know when a new issue of CJAS is available. 
  • Propose topics for Animal Frontiers Magazine/act as guest editor.
  • Quality networking among members.
  • Quality networking among professional animal science societies globally.
  • On-line access to the membership list.
  • Participation in membership discussions on CSAS events/activities/issues. 

Don’t miss out on your CSAS benefits with a gap in membership. Please take the time to renew your CSAS membership online now.

Dr. Chengbo Yang 

CSAS Membership Chair