February 27, 2019

President's Corner

President's Corner


Dear Members and Partners,

In order to continue to provide value to our membership and to the Animal Science Community, CSAS has decided to hold its mid-year executive meetings in collaboration with Animal Science Departments across the country. The goal is to engage more with our professional and student members in the various universities. Last year, we successfully held this meeting at the Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph. On the first of February of this year (2019), the CSAS mid-year executive meeting successfully took place at the Department of Animal Science McGill University. The CSAS Executive was warmly welcomed at the department as evidenced by the participation of students and faculty and remarks by the head of department, Dr Raj Duggavathi,during an open session with members of the department. As part of the engagement exercise, the president, Dr. Ibeagha-Awemu gave a brief presentation on the history and activities of CSAS. This was followed by presentations on (1) ‘Tips on publishing in scientific journals: Key to success in effectively communicating research results  by Dr. K. Plaizier (Consultant Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Animal Science) and (2) ‘Animal Science research in Canada and the institutions that drive innovation by Dr. M. Steele (Past-President of CSAS). The discussions that followed after the presentations gave those in attendance more insights on the benefits of being members of the CSAS as well as enlighten our student members on factors to consider when choosing a journal for publication of a manuscript and the opportunities and facilities that exit in institutions across Canada. Our student members should therefore take advantage of these facilities as well as participate in CSAS activities in order to avail themselves of the numerous opportunities

In this issue:

- Call for student participation

- Call for 2019 CSAS award nominations

- Call for 2019 graduate student travel fellowships

- Call for nomination to CSAS executive positions

- Renew your membership

Dr. Eveline Ibeagha-Awemu

CSAS President