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As many of you know, Public Policy has been an ASAS passion for the last 25 years. Our public policy program has under gone a number of changes and has weathered a few storms. Today, we keep our public policy program alive through a combination of strategic partnerships and our own individual programs. As part of our strategic plan launch in July, we will begin to more fully develop our plan, and in particular, we will work on developing a business model to provide enhanced long term support of ASAS public policy programs.

The following are some of our most visible public policy programs:

Through a combination of ASAS board funding and funding from Foundation Appreciation Clubs (Zimbelman, Hafs, Britt, Boyd and Glenn), ASAS funds policy interns on Capitol Hill.

“Snack and Facts”

Distribute Animal Frontiers to Congressional Offices

Publish a monthly policy newsletter, Taking Stock DC

ASAS manages to accomplish these programs on comparatively few dollars (approximately $80,000 per year). As we build on public policy, we need to grow economic support. The goal of this program is to ask each professional member to donate an additional $20 in 2019. Professional membership is at an all-time high and an additional $20 from each professional member could generate the full $80,000 that our public policy program currently costs per year!

We are asking for relatively small donations to achieve a big goal. Your $20 donation to this fund, will go a long way towards beginning to fund enhanced Public Policy programs. Please show your support and passion for these tremendous programs by donation your $20 today. Donations can be made here and are tax deductible!

Thank you for your continued support of the ASAS Public Policy Programs!


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