Foundation Folly Fundraiser

Foundation Folly 

A Fundraiser to Foster Innovators for the Future

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Do you want:

Bragging rights to being the BEST SCHOOL to support graduate students and young animal scientists?

To own the "University/College Takeover Day" at ASAS' 2023 Annual Meeting?

To have your school color be the official 2023 ASAS Annual meeting color?

To receive an ASAS logo-polo shirt for each of your school's animal science faculty and graduate students (up to 100 polo shirts)?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you want to get your school into and WIN the Foundation Folly!

Join Foundation Folly here!

As part of  ASAS Foundation's 25th Anniversary celebration and in the spirit of that well-known March basketball competition, let’s challenge each other to a friendly competition between our colleges and universities to raise funds to benefit the ASAS Foundation’s “Student and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund.” 

Throughout the past 25 years, the ASAS Foundation has provided:

20 graduate student awards,
20 student competitions,
25 Early Career Achievement Awards,
35 DC Interns, and
125 graduate student travel scholarships. 

This has been made possible through charitable contributions from our members, corporate partners and friends of ASAS. Let continue fostering innovators for the future!!! Our goal is to raise $15,000 through the ASAS Foundation Folly to enhance and expand our support for students and young animal scientists.

Here’s how the competition works:

1) First, a school must ENTER the competition through a $20 minimum contribution to ASAS Foundation’s “Student and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund.” A school may enter itself or be entered by a faculty, student, alumnus, friend, or corporate partner.

To enter a college or university, make a $20 minimum contribution and designate your school of choice. For each $20, a donor may designate more than one college or university to be split equally between designated schools. For example, for a $60 contribution, you may enter two schools with a $30 donation credit for each school or enter three schools with a $20 donation credit for each school.

Once a school is entered into the Foundation Folly, contributions of any amount may be credited to a school.

2) The deadline for school entry is March 11, 2023! Enter your school here!

3) On Sunday, March 12th, total donations to ASAS Foundation designated to each college/university will be ranked, and the colleges/universities with the highest donations will be “selected” and “seeded” into a competition bracket.

4) School seeding will be determined by the number of dollars contributed and credited to each school.

For example, School A receives $1,200, School F receives $60, School M receives $20, and School Y receives $810 in donation credits by March 12, 2023. School A may be a One Seed and School M may be a 64th Seed, and they go against each other in first round of fundraising. School Y may be a Two Seed, and School F may be a 63rd Seed, and they go against each other in the first round of fundraising. 

5) And now the REAL competition begins! Just like in that well-known basketball competition, each college and university must win their bracket to continue advancing to the final Championship Round. There are five rounds, and with each new round, each college and university begin with a $0 credit and must rise to the challenge again to raise the most funds, over their opponent, for the "Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund."

Bracket Schedule:

Selection Sunday: March 12
First and 
Neighhhext Rounds (all Seeds): March 12-19

Sooie 16: March 20-26

Mooarvelous 8: March 27-30

Baahaa 4: March 31-April 4

Championship (aka Bragging Rights) Round: April 5-9

Winner Announced April 10th    ***HUGE PRIZE!!!
In addition to bragging rights, the college or university that wins the Championship Round will receive ASAS-logoed polos for each of their animal science faculty and graduate students, in their school color (up to 100 polos). The winning college or university will have a designated University/College Take Over Day at the 2023 Annual Meeting! But wait, there’s more! The winning school’s color will be the official meeting color of the Annual Meeting.

Join Foundation Folly HERE and bring home a Slam Dunk of support for graduate students and young animal scientists...oh, and the AWESOME PRIZE!



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