Foundation Folly 2024

Foundation Folly 2024

A Fundraiser to Foster Innovators for the Future

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Do you want:

~Bragging rights as the BEST SCHOOL to support animal science students and young animal scientists?
~To receive recognition and applause during the business session at the2024 Midwest Meeting?
~To own the “University/College Take Over Day” at the 2024 ASAS Annual Meeting?
~To have your school color as the official 2024 ASAS Annual Meeting color in Calgary?
~An ASAS logo polo shirt for your school's animal science faculty and students (up to 100)?
~To help retain or overthrow NC State as the current title holder as the Best School for animal scientists???

             Above: Todd See and a few of the NC State animal science
    team showcasing their 2023 ASAS Foundation Folly Champions polos.


Jump in HERE!

The ASAS Foundation Folly is a friendly competition between our colleges' and universities' animal science departments/ programs to raise funds to benefit the ASAS Foundation’s “Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund.” 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to enhance and expand our support for students and young animal scientists for travel scholarships, internships, early career awards, and much more!

Although the 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl may be over, there's still a rivalry between
NC State and Kansas State!  And the Foundation Folly is
another way to prove they are the BEST SCHOOL!

Dr. Todd See, NC State University - 2023 FF Champions!

Dr. Mike Day, Kansas State University - Planning to be the 2024 FF Champions!

Dr. Mike Looper, University of Arkansas - Fired up for a 2024 FF Victory!

If you would like to add your own video message for those who think their school is better than yours for
animal science students, contact Amy Brainard, ASAS Foundation, at

Competition Guidelines:

  • First, a school must jump into the competition with a contribution of any amount to the Foundation Folly. Anyone,  faculty, student, alumnus, friend or corporate partner, may jump in for a school!

  • There are only 3 Rounds - the game will move quickly! In each round, the schools with the most money raised for ASAS Foundation's "Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund" advance to the next round (Top 16, then Top 8).

  • With each new round, each college and university begins with a $0 credit, so it is always any school's game to WIN!

  • Each round ends at 11:59 pm (CT) on its designated date.

  • There will be daily updates at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (CT) on the campaign site,  2024 ASAS Foundation Folly

  • On the final day of each round, there will be ONE additional update at 8:00 pm (CT).


Foundation Folly Schedule:

Round One: February 21st-26th
Enter your school into the Folly with a contribution of any amount. All schools are equally competing in Round One, to advance to Round Two.

The TOP 16 schools with the most money raised for ASAS Foundation's "Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund" advance to Round Two.

Round Two: February 27th-29th
The TOP 16 schools will compete to be in the TOP 8. The Top 8 schools with the most money raised for ASAS Foundation's "Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund" advance to the Final Round.

FINAL ROUND: March 1st-March 6th
TOP 8 schools will compete and the school with the most money raised for ASAS Foundation's "Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund" will prove they are the BEST SCHOOL for aspiring animal scientists...and win the 2024 Foundation Folly Champions title!


In addition to bragging rights, the college or university that wins the Championship Round will receive ASAS-logoed polos for each of their animal science faculty and graduate students, in their school color (up to 100 polos). The winning college or university will have a designated University/College Take Over Day at the 2024 Annual Meeting! But wait, there’s more! The winning school’s color will be the official meeting color of the Annual Meeting in Calgary!

**All donors will be recognized on this site. If you prefer to be an anonymous donor while supporting your school, when setting up your contribution, the section immediately following the option for a personal message, be sure to check the box, "Hide My Name or Amount from Public View," you can select to hide one or both.)

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