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Fund Purpose:

This fund was formed to recognize the contribution of Dr. Darrel Goll to the field of meat science/muscle biology and to the American Society of Animal Science. The money was used to support student travel to the 2020 AMSA - ICo MST meeting and the symposium entitled Mitochondrial contribution to post mortem metabolism.

Biographical Sketch:

Darrel Goll earned the reputation of a distinguished researcher in muscle biology and muscle growth. He was internationally known for his diligent, meticulous work on the regulation of the calpain proteinase system in muscle. Darrel’s discoveries in this field were of utmost importance in human health as well as agriculture. His body of work is unique in that he took fundamental observations in biochemistry, cell biology and muscle physiology and applied them to diverse fields, including animal agriculture. As a consequence, Darrel was engaged with many different professional activities as editorial board member, lecturer at NIH workshops, Gordon Conferences, FASEB conferences and frequent contributor to ASAS symposia. He was keenly interested in seeing talented new investigators succeed, and most would agree that Darrel’s primary achievement was the mentoring of many young scientists across the globe. He loved the opportunity to discuss results, debate interpretation and mentor young scientists.

We are no longer accepting donations to this fund.

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