Abstract Submission Information

Consideration for Travel Awards and Publication closes April 15, 2016 at 5:00pm PST

Conference Presentation Only closes August 1, 2016 at 5:00pm PST

All abstracts submitted by the deadline (April 15, 2016) and accepted for presentation at the conference will be published in the journal PEDIATRIC RESEARCH. Abstracts submitted after this deadline may be considered for presentation at the conference at the discretion of the selection committee but will not be published. 

Trainees and new investigators (defined below) who submit abstracts for presentation at the meeting by the April 15th, 2016, deadline are eligible for travel awards ($500) and complimentary registration that will be awarded competitively upon review of abstracts for scientific merit. Lodging and travel not covered by these awards will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply for these awards.

Eligibility for Travel Awards

While anyone may submit an abstract for presentation at the meeting and publication, only trainees and new investigators are eligible for Travel Awards. Trainees and new investigators are defined as individuals still in full time training (PhD or MD; Medical Fellows or Residents; Post-doctoral Fellows) or researchers within 3 years of their terminal degree (PhD or MD). To be eligible for a travel award an abstract must be submitted for presentation. The abstracts will then be judged for scientific merit by the scientific committee and awards made.

Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply for these awards

Travel award application instructions

  • At the time you submit an abstract, please indicate that you would like to apply for a Travel Award.
  • Please indicate in the body of your email what level of training or new investigator best describes your situation.
  • Please indicate an answer to the following three questions in the body of your email submission:
    • Race/Ethnicity as defined as an Underrepresented Minority by the NIH:
      • American Indian or Alaska Native
      • Black or African American
      • Hispanics or Latinos
      • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
      • White
      • Other (Please Indicate)
      • Prefer not to Answer
    • Gender:
      • Female
      • Male
      • Prefer not to Answer
    • Disability Status:
      • Disabled
      • Not Disabled
      • Prefer not to Answer
  • Also attach a letter in pdf format from the head of your department verifying your status as a Trainee or New Investigator to your email submission with the abstract. Successful applicants will be notified by May 15, 2016. Funds will be disbursed following the meeting upon receipt of documentation of expenses.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your abstract:

  • Prepare your abstract in your word processing program and save on your computer.
  • Send the abstract file as a Word document by email to: and please copy: We will send you confirmation within 3 business days. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by email.

Preparation of Abstract:

  • The abstract should be written in English and should be no longer than 350 words including title, authors, addresses, etc.
  • Use both upper and lower case letters throughout the form – Do not use all caps or all lower case.
  • Special formatting (i.e. bold, bullets, italic, subscript etc.) is not compatible with the publication process however special characters are allowed.
  • The Word document should include the following items only in this order: Abstract Title, Authors, Addresses and Abstract main text.
  • The abstract title should be listed on the first line, justified and as concise as possible.
  • Authors names and affiliations should be listed in the next line.
    • Authors' names should be listed with initials of first names followed by the last names in full. Authors should be separated by commas and a period following the last name. The presenting author should be listed first.
    • Affiliations should follow the authors' names. For each affiliation list institution, city, state and country. Full street addresses and post codes/zip codes should not be included.
    • Numbers should be used as a key to couple names with affiliations. Numbers should appear before the authors' names and before each affiliation.
  • Leave a blank line before the main abstract text. Do not type "abstract" at the start of the main text.
  • Justify paragraphs and do not indent the first line of a paragraph.
  • Figures and tables cannot be included in the abstracts.
  • Please define abbreviations at the first occurrence and avoid using them in the title where possible.

 Abstracts should be structured and contain:

  • An initial statement of specific objectives of the study, unless this is given in the title
  • A brief statement of methods
  • A summary of the results obtained
  • Specific conclusions
  • Funding source(s) should be listed last in parenthesis.
  • Do not include non-specific statements such as ''The results will be discussed."

Sample Abstract:
Abstract Sample 

Notification of Abstract Status:

  • For abstracts submitted by April 15th, 2016, you will receive notification of abstract acceptance, publication, and travel award decision, together with instructions for presentation by May 15, 2016, via email.
  • For abstracts submitted after April 15th, 2016, and before August 1st, 2016 which are being considered for abstract presentation at the conference only, you will be notified of acceptance by August 15, 2016.

In case of difficulties with preparation or submission of the abstract or for any other information please contact: Dr. Paul Rozance Email: