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Previous Award Winners

Outstanding Extension Specialist Award

1971 G. E. Ricketts, University of Illinois
1972 V. B. Mayrose, Purdue University
1974 M. R. Geasler, Iowa State University
1976 R. J. Vatthauer, University of Wisconsin
1977 R. J. Epley, University of Minnesota
1978 W. L. Singleton, Purdue University
1979 D. E. Schafer, Kansas State University
1980 L. R. Corah, Kansas State University
1981 M. G. Hogberg, Michigan State University
1982 C. W. Spaeth, Kansas State University
1983 L. H. Thompson, University of Illinois
1984 M. F. Hutjens, University of Illinois
1985 G. L. Kuhl, Kansas State University
1986 D. D. Simms, Kansas State University
1987 F. K. Brazle, Kansas State University
1988 S. B. Laudert, Kansas State University
1989 M. A. Russell, Purdue University
1990 D. F. Parrett, University of Illinois
1991 D. B. Faulkner, University of Illinois
1992 J. L. Nelssen, Kansas State University
1993 A. P. Schinckel, Purdue University
1994 D. A. Funk, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1995 G. C. Shurson, University of Minnesota
1996 R. D. Shaver, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1997 R. D. Goodband, Kansas State University
1998 Not given
1999 M. D. Tokach, Kansas State University
2000 J. F. Smith, Kansas State University
2001 W. O. Herring, University of Missouri
2002 M. J. Brouk, Kansas State University
2003 W. J. Powers, Iowa State University
2004 S. J. Moeller, The Ohio State University
2005 K. J. Stalder, Iowa State University
2006 P. M. Fricke, University of Wisconsin
2007 G. C. Lamb, University of Minnesota
2008 J. M. DeRouchey, Kansas State University
2009 P. S. Kuber, The Ohio State University
2010 C. L. Wright, South Dakota State University
2011 G.A. Perry, South Dakota State University
2012 J. Waggoner, Kansas State University
2012 W. J. Sexten, University of Missouri
2013 R. L. Weaber, Kansas State University
2014 G.K. Rentfrow, University of Kentucky
2015 M. L. Spangler, University of Nebraska
2016 C. R. Dahlen, North Dakota State University

Outstanding Researcher Award

1971 D. H. Baker, University of Illinois
1972 C. E. Allen, University of Minnesota
1974 F. N. Owens, University of Illinois
1976 W. G. Bergen, Michigan State University
1977 D. E. Bauman, University of Illinois
1978 G. L. Allee, Kansas State University
1979 S. E. Curtis, University of Illinois
1980 T. L. Veum, University of Missouri
1981 R. L. Prior, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
1982 B. D. Schanbacher, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
1983 H. A. Garverick, University of Missouri
1984 G. C. Fahey, Jr., University of Illinois
1985 J. J. Ford, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
1986 C. L. Ferrell, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
1987 D. Gianola, University of Illinois
1988 S. P. Ford, Iowa State University
1989 L. L. Berger, University of Illinois
1990 M. F. Rothschild, Iowa State University
1991 M. F. Smith, University of Missouri
1992 D. L. Harmon, Kansas State University
1993 M. Koohmaraie, R. L. Hruska, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
1994 L. G. Sheffield, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1995 J. Odle, University of Illinois
1996 J. L. Nelssen, Kansas State University
1997 R. S. Prather, University of Missouri
1998 D. Pomp, University of Nebraska
1999 R. W. Johnson, University of Illinois
2000 M. C. Lucy, University of Missouri
2001 C. K. Tuggle, Iowa State University
2002 M. Morrison, Ohio State University
2003 T. P. L. Smith, USDA, NE
2004 C. W. Ernst, Michigan State University
2005 E. J. Huff-Lonergan, Iowa State University
2006 A. S. Cupp, University of Nebraska
2007 J. C. Matthews, University of Kentucky
2008 J. M. Reecy, Iowa State University
2009 G. E. Erickson, University of Nebraska
2010 J. M. DeRouchey, Kansas State University
2011 K. A. Vonnahme, North Dakota State University
2012 G. A. Perry, South Dakota State University
2013 J. P. Steibel, Michigan State University
2014 L. A. Kuehn, USDA-ARS
2015 N. K. Gabler, Iowa State University
2016 R. N. Dilger, University of Illinois

Outstanding Teacher Award

1971 B. G. Harmon, University of Illinois
1972 R. E. Hunsley, Purdue University
1974 D. H. Gee, South Dakota State University
1976 T. R. Cline, Purdue University
1977 P. J. Cunningham, University of Nebraska
1978 B. D. Moser, University of Nebraska
1979 C. L. Hausler, Southern Illinois University
1980 T. R. Carr, University of Illinois
1981 M. E. Dikeman, Kansas State University
1982 R. E. Morrow, University of Missouri
1983 D. J. Kesler, University of Illinois
1984 R. A. Easter, University of Illinois
1985 D. F. Parrett, University of Illinois
1986 J. G. Sebranek, Iowa State University
1987 D. R. Brink, University of Nebraska
1988 K. M. Irvin, The Ohio State University
1989 R. P. Lemenager, Purdue University
1990 B. R. Skaar, Iowa State University
1991 D. A. Nichols, Kansas State University
1992 M. A. Russell, Purdue University
1993 D. K. Combs, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1994 L. C. Martin, Kansas State University
1995 M. E. Benson, Michigan State University
1996 B. D. Banks, Michigan State University
1997 H. D. Tyler, Iowa State University
1998 C. R. Youngs, Iowa State University
1999 J. N. Spain, University of Missouri
2000 M. E. Doumit, Michigan State University
2001 S. M. Lonergan, Iowa State University
2002 W. N. Osburn, Michigan State University
2003 S. C. Kelm, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
2004 M. S. Weber Nielsen, Michigan State University
2005 B. D. Nielsen, Michigan State University
2006 B. A. Reiling, University of Nebraska
2007 K. W. Bruns, South Dakota State University
2008 H. N. Zerby, The Ohio State University
2009 B. R. Wiegand, University of Missouri
2010 K. A. Vonnahme, North Dakota State University
2011 S.A. Wagner, North Dakota State University
2012 J. M. Kouba, Kansas State University
2013 J. M. Bormann, Kansas State University
2013 T. A. Strauch, University of Missouri
2014 T. L. Douthit, Kansas State University
2015 B. D. Whitaker, University of Findlay
2016 B. J. Bradford, Kansas State University 

Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award

1995 P. L. Houghton, Heartland Cattle Co., McCook, Nebraska
1996 J. A. Barmore, Vita Plus Corp., Madison, Wisconsin
1997 D. E. Dill, Dairy Strategies, Mendota Heights, MN
1998 C. M. Luhman, Land O’lakes Research Farm, Webster City, IA
1999 Not Given
2000 D. L. Hancock, Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, IN
2001 J. M. Lynch, Heartland Cattle Co., McCook, NE
2002 Not Given
2003 J. M. Campbell, APC, Inc., IA
2004 D. M. Webel, United Feeds, IN
2005 T. A. Rathje, Danbred North America, Nebraska
2006 T. E. Sauber, Pioneer, A DuPont Company, IA
2007 M. J. Pettitt, Prairie Swine Centre, Inc.
2008 J. C. Woodworth, Lorza, Inc.
2009 Not Given
2010 D. H. Kleinschmit, Agri-King, Inc
2011 A. M. Gaines, The Maschhoffs, Carlyle, IL
2012 C. R. Schwab, National Swine Registry
2013 T. Loy, Adams Land and Cattle Co.
2014 A. Brackenridge, Cargill
2015 M. Wolfe, Cargill
2016 C. R. Neill, Pipestone Veterinary Services

Innovation in Dairy Research Award

2007 D. B. Carlson, University of Illinois
2008 A. Bettegowda, Michigan State University
2009 R. A. Natikov, Iowa State University
2010 S. M. Fredin, University of New Hampshire
2011 D. E. Graugnard, University of Illinois
2012 Not given
2013 J. S. Osorio, University of Illinois
2014 Not given
2015 L. J. Wilsdorf

National Pork Board Innovation Award

2007 T. Safranski, University of Missouri*
         J. S. Bates, University of Nebraska**
         G. Xu, University of Minnesota**
2008 S. A. Cutler, Iowa State University**
         G. Xu, University of Minnesota**
2009 P. V. Anderson, Iowa State University**
         N. J. Boddicker, Iowa State University**
         P. J. Lammers, Iowa State University*
2010 E. G. Kiarie, University of Manitoba**
         M. E. Johnston, The Hanor Company**
         M. T. See, North Carolina State University*
2011 not given
2012 Y. Liu, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana*
2013 X. Li **
         K. Stalder*
2014 B. D. Whitaker, University of Findlay*
         N. V. L. Serao, Iowa State University**
2015 D. S. Rosero, North Carolina State University**
         J. A. Brown, Prairie Swine Centre**
         M. Walugembe, Iowa State University*
2016 L.L. Schumacher, Kansas State University **
         A.T. Desaulniers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln*
** Research

Tim S. Stahly Outstanding Swine Nutrition Midwest Graduate Student Award

2009 T. M. Che, University of Illinois
2010 R. B. Hinson, University of Missouri
2011 J. R. /Bergstrom, Kansas State University
2012 C. A. Jones, Iowa State University
2013 S. Monegue, University of Kentucky
2014 N. L. Horn, Purdue University
2015 N. A. Gutierrez, Iowa State University
2016 J. C. Gonzalez Vega, University of Illinois

Past Winners of Invitational Competitive Research Paper Awards

Undergraduate Students - Oral Competition

1987 R. E. Raw, University of Missouri
1988 J. A. Ragains, University of Missouri
1989 G. L. Ambrose, South Dakota State University
1990 C. N. Kemper, University of Missouri
1991 T. R. Eberle, North Dakota State University
1992 B. J. MacDonald, North Dakota State University
1993 B. L. Dunn, Kansas State University
1994 S. M. Nelson, University of Nebraska
1995 L. J. Trinity, Iowa State University
1996 M. E. Cunningham, Oklahoma State University
1997 C. E. Sorenson, South Dakota State University
1998 J. L. Strickland, University of Nebraska
1999 B. A. DeMontigny, North Dakota State University
2000 K. S. Freise, University of Illinois
2001 K. R. Nollette, University of Nebraska
2002 B. Meyer, University of Nebraska
2003 A. Harvey, South Dakota State University
2004 L. H. Bach, Michigan State University
2005 A. M. Meyer, Michigan State University
2006 L. D. Holmes, Southern Illinois University
         R. Schnobrich, University of Minnesota
2007 B. H. Godsey, Kansas State University
2008 B. L. Varnes, Michigan State University
2009 H. L. Frobose, Kansas State University
2010 S. I. Fry, North Dakota State University
2011 R. L. Wangler, Michigan State University
2012 E. A. Nore, North Dakota State University
2013 B. E. Abramovitz, University of Missouri
2014 K. M. Gourley, Kanasas State University
         B. O. Fleming, Mississippi State University
2015 J. T. Gebhardt, Michigan State University

Undergraduate Students - Poster Competition

2009 E. I. Ince, University of Wisconsin
2010 D. P. Strassburg, University of Wisconsin
2011 S. J. Morine, Iowa State University
2012 E. J. Cretney, University of Wisconsin
2013 Z. E. Carlson, North Dakota State University
2014 E. G. Groose, Lincoln University
2015 C. D. Evans, Kansas State University

Graduate Students - Oral Competition

1976 D. G. Haught, Iowa State University
1977 L. L. Berger, University of Nebraska
1978 G. F. Collings, Michigan State University
1979 R. D. Boyd, University of Nebraska
1980 D. G. Cieslak, University of Wisconsin
1981 W. F. Pope, University of Nebraska
1982 P. F. Saenger, Purdue University
1983 D. A. Redmer, University of Missouri
1984 W. F. Brown, University of Nebraska
1985 J. H. Brendemuhl, University of Nebraska
1986 P. L. Houghton, Purdue University
1987 M. H. Wilde, The Ohio State University
1988 T. R. Radke, University of Nebraska
1989 K. K. Kreikemeier, Kansas State University
1990 R. A. Nold, Kansas State University
1991 M. D. Tokach, University of Minnesota
1992 G. F. Louis, University of Nebraska
1993 B. T. Larson, University of Missouri
1994 L. H. Anderson, The Ohio State University
1995 M. L. Augenstein, University of Minnesota
1996 D. D. Koehler, University of Minnesota
1997 R. A. Nold, South Dakota State University
1998 K. J. Rozeboom, University of Minnesota
1999 L. A. Averette, North Carolina State University
2000 T. A. Armstrong, North Carolina State University
2001 T. G. McDaneld, University of Nebraska*
         J. H. Hampton, University of Missouri**
2002 K. M. Hargrave, University of Nebraska*
         M. J. Hersom, Oklahoma State University**
2003 J. S. Luther, North Dakota State University*
         R. G. Main, Kansas State University**
2004 R. C. Bott, University of Nebraska*
         M. M. Martinez, Michigan State University**
2005 J. M. Koch, West Virginia University*
         N. D. Fastinger, The Ohio State University**
2006 D. M. Larson, North Dakota State University*
         M. A. Gorocia-Buenfil, The Ohio State University**
2007 P. E. Urriola, Univesity of Minnesota*
         R. N. Dilger, University of Illinois**
2008 J. M. Mapes, Michigan State University*
         E. G. Kjarie, University of Manitoba**
2009 L. A. Lekatz, North Dakota State University*
         D. M. Gorbach, Iowa State University**
2010 H. L. Evans, University of Missouri*
         R. C. Sulabo, Kansas State University**
2011 J. Bishop, North Carolina State University*
         Y. Zhao, North Carolina State University**
2012 J. R. Flohr, Kansas State University*
         J.K. Farney, Kansas State University**
2013 K.L. Gillespie, University of Nebraska*
         D.B. Burken, University of Nebraska**
2014 F. Wu, University of Minnesota*
         B. R. Mordhorst, North Dakota State University*
         E.K. Harris, University of Minnesota**
         H. L. Frobose, Kansas State University**
2015 J. G. Wiegert, Virginia Tech*
         K. N. Niederecker, University of Missouri*
         J. R. Russell, Iowa State University**

*M.S. Division
**Ph.D. Division

Graduate Students - Poster Competition

2007 P. Nester, North Dakota State University*
         N. DiLorenzo, University of Minnesota**
2008 N. R. Bork, North Dakota State University*
         B. A. Peterson, University of Illinois**
2009 P. J. Gunn, Purdue University*
         C. O. Lemley, West Virginia University**
2010 N. S. Schmetz, Purdue University*
         L. S. Senaratne, University of Nebraska, Lincoln**
2011 K. E. Boesche, Purdue University*
         P. J. Gunn, Purdue University*
2012 M. A. Berg, University of Wisconsin - Madison*
         X. J. Li, University of Minnesota**
2013 B. M. Bohrer, The Ohio State University*
         L. E. Camacho, North Dakota State University**
2014 J. L. Peine, North Dakota State University*
         J. D. Colpoys, Iowa State University**
2015 R. S. Stokes, Iowa State University*
         K. F. Coble, Kansas State University**

*M.S. Division
**Ph.D. Division

ASAS Animal Science Young Scholars

2010 J. A. Atkins, University of Missouri
         T. M. Che, University of Illinois
         S. Hooda, University of Alberta
         J. A. Jendza, Purdue University
         J. S. Jennings, South Dakota State University
         V. G. Perez, University of Illinois
         R. Poletto, Purdue University
2011 J. R. Bergstrom, Kansas State University
         D. D. Boler, University of Illinois
         A. E. DeDecker, University of Illinois
         M. R. P. Elmore, University of Illinois
         A. M. Meyer, North Dakota State University
         B. W. Neville, North Dakota State University
         C. E. Phillips, University of Minnesota
         P. E. Urriola, Cargill Animal Nutrition
2012 R. J. Leach, USDA-ARS, US Meat Animal Research Center
         J. M. Kelzer, University of Minnesota
         R. Manjarin, Michigan State University
         M. Song, University of Illinois
         Y. Liu, University of Illinois
         I. S. Choi, USDA
         S. F. Cervantes-Pahm, University of Illinois
         M. J. Weber, Cargill
2013 Y. Shen, North Carolina State University
         L. A. Mack, Purdue University
         F. Almeida, University of Illinois
         A. R. Hanson, University of Minnesota
         E. A. Bobeck, Iowa State University
         A. F. Summers, University of Nebraska
         D. W. Brake, Kansas State University
         N. J. Boddicker, Iowa State University
2014 S. M. Cruzen, Iowa State University
         E. K. Harris, University of Minnesota
         J. L. Zambito, West Virginia University
         M. V. Sanz Fernandez, Iowa State University
         L. E. Camacho, North Dakota State University
         C. M. Pilcher, Iowa State University
         C. B. Paulk, Kansas State University
         J. K. Grubbs, Iowa State University
         C. L. Daigle, Michigan State University
         D. Gonzalez-Pena Fundora, University of Illinois
2015 A. S. Bhatnagar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
         K. F. Coble, Kansas State University
         B. W. Daigneault, University of Illinois
         M. A. Erasmus, Michigan State University
         O. N. Genther, Iowa State University
         N. A. Gutierrez, Iowa State University
2016 L. A. Amundson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
         E. K. Arkfeld, University of Illinois
         C. S. Bass, North Dakota State University
         J. D. Colpoys, Iowa State University
         J. A. De Jong, Kansas State University
         J. R. Flohr, Kansas State University
         J. C. McCann, University of Illinois
         K. M. Sargent, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
         J. C. Gonzalez Vega, University of Illinois

Young Dairy Scholars

2006 B. J. Bradford, Michigan State University
         N. B. Litherland, University of Illinois
         W. Miller, Kansas State University
         R. R. Rastani, University of Wisconsin
2007 M. M. Abdelqader, South Dakota State University
         D. B. Carlson, University of Illinois
         M. Carriquiry, University of Minnesota
         M. Geha, University of Nebraska
         N. A. Janovick-Guretzky, University of Illinois
         D. H. Kleinschmit, South Dakota State University
         E. D. Reid, University of Illinois
         P. J. Ross, Michigan State University
2008 K. M. Moyes, University of Illinois
         B. W. Pamp, South Dakota State University
         M. L. Raeth-Knight, University of Minnesota
         E. L. Karcher, Iowa State University
         J. M. Bewley, Purdue University
         A. Bettegowda, Michigan State University
2009 R. A. Nafikov, Iowa State University
2010 B. J. Heins, University of Minnesota
         C. O. Lemley, West Virginia University
         C. D. Mikolayunas, University of Wisconsin
         K. Mjoun, South Dakota State University
2011 M. J. Aguerre, University of Wisconsin – Madison
         N. M. Bello, Kansas State University
         G. L. Golombeski, University of Minnesota
         D. E. Graugnard, University of Illinois
         H. M. White, Indiana University School of Medicine
2012 M. S. Akins, University of Wisconsin 
         M. A. Osman, Iowa State University  
         S. D. Ranathunga, South Dakota State University
2013 R. G. Cabral, University Of New Hampshire
         K. J. Herrick, South Dakota State University
         J. L. Anderson, South Dakota State University 
         H. A. Tucker, Purdue University
         J. Farney, Kansas State University
         D. A. Koltes, Iowa State University
         E. Castillo Lopez, University of Nebraska
         J. S. Osorio, University of Illinois
2014 K. Yuan, Kansas State University
         P. Plantoni, Michigan State University
2015 J. P. Boerman, Cargill Animal Nutrition
         T. S. Dennis, Provimi
         L. F. Ferraretto, University of Wisconsin
         J. Laporta, University of Florida
2016 P. R. F. Adkins, University of Missouri
         K. E. Boesche, Purdue University
         A. J. Carpenter, Kansas State University
         C. E. Chapman, University of New Hampshire
         J. P. N. Martins, Michigan State University
         W. D. Weich, South Dakota State University
         Z. Zhou, University of Illinois

Undergraduate Contemporary Issues Competition

1998 M. Bode, University of Missouri
         D. Hasekamp, University of Missouri
         J. M. Rumph, Michigan State University
         M. Schoenfield, University of Minnesota
1999 L. Becker, University of Minnesota
2000 R. Hawkins, North Dakota State University
2001 Discontinued