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Western Section Strategic Plan

Vision Statement: To be the preeminent provider of research and technical information for animal agriculture in Western North America.

Mission Statement: To advance animal agriculture research and education in Western North America by providing a forum to develop and communicate scientific and technical knowledge to enhance economic and ecological sustainability.

1. Increase membership and participation by:

  • a. Increasing student participation in meetings by reduced membership costs, travel stipends, activities, research presentations and career placement opportunities.
  • b. Support of Academic Quadrathlon, graduate student competition section, Northwest Live Animal/Carcass Evaluation Contest, and other similar activities.
  • c. Sponsoring symposia at annual meetings and other appropriate meetings.

2. Increase relevance to members, producers, industry, and public by:

  • a. Support of programs relevant to industry.
  • b. Addressing appropriate contemporary issues, e.g., public and private land use, environment, etc.
  • c. Exploring alternative formats for annual meetings.
  • d. Sponsoring workshops about new techniques, leadership, etc.

3. Increase communication by:

  • a. Ensuring quality in publications and all forms of communications.
  • b. Publication of meeting proceedings in hard copy and electronic format including an electronic database of all WSASAS proceedings.
  • c. Establishing a Western Section home page linked to the ASAS home paged.
  • d. Establishing liaison representatives with other professional organizations.
  • e. Officers of Western Section contributing items to ASAS newsletters.
  • f. Exploring the formation of a public information response team.

4. Establish new initiatives by:

  • a. Coordinating development of multidisciplinary projects and grant proposals.
  • 1) Establish relationships with existing granting entities, e.g., Western SARE, Kellogg Foundation, etc., to provide partial funding for selected projects and awards.
  • 2) Provide a forum for reporting.
  • b. Providing specific programs to assist emerging scientists.


1. Facilitators.

Abe Aberle, Chairman, Department of Animal Science, University of Nebraska
Colin Kaltenbach, Vice Dean, College of Agriculture and Director, AAES, University of AZ
Ellen Bergfeld, Executive Director, ASAS, Savoy, IL

2. Western Section Executive Committee.

Bob Short, President, WSASAS; USDA-ARS, Miles City, MT
Steve Daugherty, Vice-President, WSASAS; California State Polytechnic Univ. San Luis Obisbo
John Paterson, Secretary Treasurer, WSASAS; Montana State Univ., Bozeman
*Glenn Coulter, Past-President, WSASAS; Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge
Mark Branine, Industry Representative, WSASAS;Roche Animal Health, Parker, CO
Dennis Halford, Chairman, A&C Committee, WSASAS; New Mexico State Univ, Santa Cruz
*ASAS Director (currently filled by Glenn Coulter)

3. Advisory and Coordinating Committee.

Ben Bruce, University of Nevada, Reno
Tim DelCurto, Oregon State Univ., Union
*Sue Denise, Univ of Arizona 
Ronnie Green, Colorado State Univ.
Elaine Grings, USDA-ARS, Miles City, MT
Ernest Hawkins, Brigham Young Univ, Provo, UT
Carl Hunt, Univ. of Idaho
Bob Kemp, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge
Jim Killen, Altech, Inc., Ault, CO
Don Kress, Montana State Univ.
Noelle Cockett, Utah State Univ.
Mark Nelson, Washington State Univ.
Jim Oltjen, Univ. of California, Davis
Dan Rule, Univ. of Wyoming (substitute for Bill Russell)
*Doug Vincent, Univ. of Hawaii
Butch Whitman, Moorman's High Plains, Inc., Bozeman, MT

* Not present