About the ASAS Foundation


The ASAS Foundation was created by the ASAS Board of Directors to identify individual and corporate entities who would seek to emulate the actions of F.B. Morrison in enhancing and perpetuating the activities of the society. The Foundation seeks to create a nucleus of funds and investments from which its Board of Directors and its membership may address critical issues facing the profession. Moreover, we would encourage the funding of ventures into new areas that will assist the society and its members in obtaining excellence in a highly dynamic industry. We visualize a corpus of funds composed of gifts, grants, and endowments, each tailored to the needs and wishes of the donor and that are consistent with the mission of the society.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Create a sufficient corpus of funds to address issues of significance to ASAS.
    1. Develop a procedure of donor identification, classification, cultivation, and solicitation.
    2. Develop a vehicle through which the society may receive contributions and disperse the proceeds consistent with legal and regulatory requirements and in accordance with the wishes of the donor.
    3. Organize and train selected officers, trustees, and members in the cultivation and solicitation process.
  2. Establish a process by which the ASAS Board of Directors, Symposia Chairs, Committees and others of its membership can request financial support.
    1. Develop guidelines and a calendar for funding request to be received by the Board of Directors and/or a committee composed of the Board of Directors and Foundation trustees.
    2. Develop a list of specific or critical interests of the Board of Directors and/or Foundation for which requests will receive priority consideration. The list would be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate.
    3. Develop a specific procedure for reviewing all requests for funding.
  3. Plan a variety of informational and educational opportunities for the membership to learn about the purpose of the Foundation and how they may assist themselves and the society both personally and financially.
    1. Develop specific articles and/or newsletter inclusions that discuss the Foundation and its ability to assist them in estate planning while helping the society.
    2. Honor donors and inform membership about how other members have made significant lead gifts. With permission of the donor, illustrate both financial benefits to the donor and society.
    3. Consider providing elective estate planning seminars and other educational seminars at the annual and/or section membership meetings. As a part of seminar the Foundation could be highlighted as a vehicle for achieving a portion of the plan.


  1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the American Society of Animal Science Foundation, hereinafter the ASAS Foundation.
  2. Location of Record: The address of business for the ASAS Foundation shall be the same address of the Society Headquarters of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).
  3. Purpose: The purpose of the ASAS Foundation is to contribute to human welfare by furthering the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge and to support and enhance educational programs of the ASAS, especially in conjunction with the Society’s annual meeting. Furthermore, the Foundation may support educational activities of the ASAS Sections.
  4. Organization:
    1. Board of Trustees: The ASAS Foundation shall be administered by a Board of Trustees including at least nine members to be appointed by the ASAS Board of Directors and the immediate Past President of ASAS. Trustees shall be members of ASAS. Members shall be appointed for three-year terms with maximum service of two consecutive terms. At least three appointments will be made each year. The Chair and the Vice Chair of the Board will be appointed annually, and may serve a maximum of three years.
    2. Officers of the Board of Trustees shall consist of the Chair, the Vice Chair and the Treasurer, appointed by the ASAS Board of Directors, and the Secretary, elected by the ASAS Foundation Trustees. The Executive Director of the ASAS may serve as the Treasurer of the ASAS Foundation. In the absence or incapacitation of the Chair, the Vice Chair will function as Chair of the Trustees.
    3. Committees
      1. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees shall consist of the Executive Committee of the Board. The Executive committee shall manage interim affairs of the Foundation with powers as delegated by the Board of Trustees.
      2. The Board of Trustees may appoint other committees as it deems necessary.
    4. Relationship to ASAS Board of Directors: Trustees of the ASAS Foundation shall function independently of the ASAS Board of Directors but shall communicate effectively and frequently with the ASAS Board of Directors. The Chair of the Foundation shall be a member of the ASAS Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Board.
    5. Operations: The Trustees shall perform those functions necessary to (1) evaluate and define those activities that fulfill the purposes of the Foundation, (2) effect contributions to the ASAS Foundation sufficient to fulfill the purposes of the ASAS Foundation, (3) provide funds to ASAS Board of Directors for educational programs and for other activities consistent with the purposes of the ASAS Foundation and (4) ensure that funds are used for the approved activities. The Trustees shall report at least annually on activities of the ASAS Foundation to the Board of Directors of the ASAS.
  5. Patron Members and Donors
    1. Patrons shall be those firms, organizations or individuals that contribute at least $1,000 to the ASAS Foundation.
    2. Donors shall be those firms or organizations that contribute at least $250 and those individuals that contribute at least $25 to the ASAS Foundation.
    3. Patrons and Donors shall be recognized annually in the year donations are made and in the manner determined by the Trustees of the ASAS Foundation.
  6. Meetings
    1. Frequency and Purpose: The ASAS Foundation Board of Trustees shall meet as necessary to conduct business of the Foundation. One meeting shall be held at the time of the ASAS Annual Meeting. Two specific purposes of that meeting shall be (1) to assess results of expenditures of funds for the current educational programs and (2) to propose a budget of expenditures for the next fiscal year.
    2. Quorum A quorum shall consist of five Trustees. In the absence of a quorum in attendance at meetings, Foundation business may be conducted by a quorum by majority vote of a ballot by mail, telephone, or facsimile.
    3. Reimbursement of Expenses: ASAS Foundation funds may be used for reimbursement of reasonable and necessary expenses of ASAS Foundation Trustees in attendance at meetings provided no other sources of funds exist to reimburse expenses.
  7. Use of Funds
    1. The ASAS Foundation shall prudently invest contributions made to it and shall use the interest earned therefrom, and principle from contributions as judged appropriate by the Board of Trustees, to support activities of the Foundation.
    2. The ASAS Foundation shall use restricted contributions only for the specific activity identified by the contributor.
    3. The Board of Trustees shall authorize, out of income of the Foundation, the payment of such incidental expenses as may become necessary. No member of the Board of Trustees shall receive any salary for his or her services.
  8. Amendment of Bylaws: These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of ASAS members present and voting at the Annual Business Meeting of the ASAS, provided if notice has been to all ASAS members at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting, or by two-thirds vote of ASAS members responding to mail or electronic ballot.
  9. Dissolution or Liquidation: In the event of dissolution or liquidation of this Foundation by vote, as provided in Article VIII, the assets belonging thereto shall be assigned and turned over to any charitable or not-for-profit organization chosen by the Board of Directors of the ASAS.

American Society of Animal Science and American Society of Animal Science Foundation Investment Policy

Foundation Board of Trustees

Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
Elanco Animal Health
2500 Innovation Way
Greenfield, IN 46140-9163
Ph:(317) 655-0957

Dr. Debra Aaron
University of Kentucky
Dept of Animal Science
Lexington, KY
Ph:(859) 257-7553

Dr. George C. Fahey, Jr.
University of Illinois
Dept of Animal Sciences
1207 W. Gregory Dr.
132 ASL
Urbana, IL 61801-4733
Ph: (217) 377-1264 

Dr. Thomas Hoagland
University of Connecticut
Dept. Of Animal Sciences
PO Box U -4040
Storrs, CT  06269-0001
Ph: (860) 486-1069

Dr. Deb Hamernik
University of Nebraska
Agricultural Research Division
207 Agricultural Hall
Lincoln,  NE 68583-0704
Ph: (402) 314-8643

Dr. Mike MacNeil
Delta G
145 Ice Cave Rd
Miles City, MT 59301
Ph: (406) 232-6331

Dr. Gregory Lardy
North Dakota State University
Animal Sciences 7630
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
Ph: (701) 231-7660
Fax: (701) 231-7590

Dr. Bob Wettemann
Oklahoma State University
Department of Animal Science
Stillwater, OK 74078
Ph: (405) 744-9267

Dr. Dave Anderson
1602 Animas Pl
Loveland, CO 80538-4874
Ph: (970) 631-2659

Dr. Michael L. Looper
University of Arkansas
Animal Science Department
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Ph: (479) 575-3745

Dr. Meghan C. Wulster-Radcliffe
Chief Executive Officer
American Society of Animal Science
PO Box 7410
Champaign, IL 61826-7410
Ph: (217) 356-9050 ext. 118