2015 Abstracts Translated into Chinese 

The following abstracts have been translated into Chinese. The papers in their entirety can be found in the Journal of Animal Science in English. 

Impact of dietary lipids on sow milk composition and balance of essential fatty acids during lactation in prolific sows
D. S. Rosero, J. Odle, S. M. Mendoza, R. D. Boyd, V. Fellner and E. van Heugten
JAS 2015 93 (6): 2935-2947

Effect of dietary copper amount and source on copper metabolism and oxidative stress of weanling pigs in short-term feeding
Y. L. Huang, M. S. Ashwell, R. S. Fry, K. E Lloyd, W. L. Flowers and J. W. Spears
JAS 93 (6): 2948-2955

Effects of dietary soybean meal concentration on growth and immune response of pigs infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus1
S. J. Rochell, L. S. Alexander, G. C. Rocha, W. G. Van Alstine, R. D. Boyd, J. E. Pettigrew and R. N. Dilger
93 (6): 2987-2997

Effects of microbial phytase on the apparent and standardized total tract digestibility of phosphorus in rice coproducts fed to growing pigs
G. A. Casas and H. H. Stein
JAS 93 (7): 3441-3448

In vitro and in vivo digestibility of corn starch for weaned pigs: Effects of amylose:amylopectin ratio, extrusion, storage duration, and enzyme supplementation
Y. Li, A. R. Zhang, H. F. Luo, H. Wei,Z. Zhou, J. Peng 和Y. J. Ru
JAS 93 (7): 3512-3520

Age at puberty, ovulation rate, and uterine length of developing gilts fed two lysine and three metabolizable energy concentrations from 100 to 260 d of age
J. A. Calderón Díaz, J. L. Vallet, C. A. Lents, D. J. Nonneman, J. R. Miles, E. C. Wright, L. A. Rempel, R. A. Cushman, B. A. Freking, G. A. Rohrer, C. Phillips, A. DeDecker, G. Foxcroft and K. Stalder
JAS 93 (7): 3521-3527

Effects of standardized ileal digestible tryptophan: lysine ratio on growth performance of nursery pigs
M. A. D. Gonçalves, S. Nitikanchana, M. D. Tokach, S. S. Dritz, N. M. Bello, R. D.Goodband, K. J. Touchette, J. L. Usry, J. M. DeRouchey, J. C. Woodworth
JAS 93 (8): 3909-3918

Impact of synthetic antioxidants on lipid peroxidation of distiller’s dried grains with solubles and distiller’s corn oil stored under high temperature and humidity conditions
A. R. Hanson, P. E. Urriola, L. J. Johnston and G. C. Shurson
JAS 93 (8): 4070-4078

Effects of diet form and feeder adjustment on growth performance of nursery and finishing pigs
J. E.Nemechek, M. D. Tokach, S. S. Dritz, E. D. Fruge,E. L. Hansen,R. D. Goodband, J. M. DeRouchey和J. C. Woodworth
93 (8):4172-4180

The appropriate standardized ileal digestible tryptophan to lysine ratio improves pig performance and regulates hormones and muscular amino acid transporters in late finishing gilts fed low-protein diets
W. F. Ma, S. H. Zhang, X. F. Zeng, X. T. Liu, C. Y. Xie, G. J. Zhang and S. Y. Qiao
JAS 2015 93:1052-1060

Enzymes enhance degradation of the fiber–starch–protein matrix of distillers dried grains with solubles as revealed by a porcine in vitro fermentation model and microscopy
R. Jha, T. A. Woyengo, J. Li, M. R. Bedford, T. Vasanthan and R. T. Zijlstra
JAS 2015 93:1039-1051

Equations generated to predict iodine value of pork carcass back, belly, and jowl fat
C. B. Paulk, J. R. Bergstrom, M. D. Tokach, S. S. Dritz, D. D. Burnett, E. W. Stephenson, M. A. Vaughn, J. M. DeRouchey, R. D. Goodband, J. L. Nelssen and J. M. Gonzalez
JAS 2015 93:1666-1678

Low-protein amino acid–supplemented diets for growing pigs: Effect on expression of amino acid transporters, serum concentration, performance, and carcass composition
A. Morales, L. Buenabad, G. Castillo, N. Arce, B. A. Araiza, J. K. Htoo and M. Cervantes
JAS 2015 93:2154-2164

Effects of high-protein or conventional canola meal on growth performance, organ weights, bone ash, and blood characteristics of weanling pigs
C. K. Parr, Y. Liu, C. M. Parsons and H. H. Stein
JAS 2015 93:2165-2173

The optimum ratio of standardized ileal digestible leucine to lysine for 8 to 12 kg female pigs
E. A. Soumeh, J. van Milgen, N. M. Sloth, E. Corrent, H. D. Poulsen and J. V. Nørgaard
JAS 2015 93:2218-2224

Dietary marker effects on fecal microbial ecology, fecal VFA, nutrient digestibility coefficients, and growth performance in finishing pigs
B. J. Kerr, T. E. Weber and C. J. Ziemer
JAS 2015 93:2183-2190

Regression analysis to predict growth performance from dietary net energy in growing-finishing pigs
S. Nitikanchana, S. S. Dritz, M. D. Tokach, J. M. DeRouchey, R. D. Goodband and B. J. White
JAS 2015 93(6):2826-2839

Influence of dietary electrolyte balance on feed preference and growth performance of postweaned piglets
S. A. Guzmán-Pino , D. Solà-Oriol, R. Davin, E. G. Manzanilla and J. F. Pérez
JAS 2015 93(6):2840-2848