Award Winner Detail

Award: Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award
Univeristy: DSM Nutritional Products
Year: 2018
Section Awarded: Midwest

Dr. Jon Bergstrom, Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award

Dr. Jon Bergstrom has a rich history in serving animal agriculture and his country. After completing his B.S. at Iowa State University, Jon worked on a swine farm before returning to school to obtain his M.S. degree. Between his M.S. and Ph.D. at Kansas State University, he worked for Seaboard Foods and Kerber Milling in research and technical service roles. During this time, Jon was also active in the Marine Corp and Army Reserves. Since completing his PhD in 2011, Dr. Bergstrom has been Technical Support Manager and Market Development Manager for DSM Nutritional Products. Jon is responsible for increasing DSM’s visibility and expertise in vitamins, carotenoids, feed enzymes, probiotics, essential oil compounds, and dietary acidifiers. The combination of work and education history has allowed Dr. Bergstrom to bring a high level of relevance and impact to his work. Jon’s family resides in Marshall, MO where he enjoys watching his son, Brett, grow through 4-H livestock involvement.

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