Award Winner Detail

Award: Outstanding Young Teacher Award
Univeristy: University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Year: 2018
Section Awarded: Midwest

Dr. Anna Dilger, Outstanding Young Teacher Award

Dr. Anna Dilger is an Associate Professor in Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois. Since her initial appointment in 2010, Dr. Dilger has taught introductory and advanced courses in Meat Science, Growth and Development and Contemporary Issues in Animal Science. Anna is an engaging and enthusiastic teacher who motivates her students through the use of student-centered activities and innovative assignments. In addition to her superior classroom teaching, she has also re-structured the experiential learning program in her department, is active at the University-level in the area of learning outcome assessment, and is a leader in the College of ACES Teaching and Learning Academy for faculty and staff. Dr. Dilger is consistently recognized as an excellent teacher by her students, her peers, the College of ACES at Illinois, and other external groups and is deserving of recognition as a Midwest ASAS/ADSA Outstanding Young Teacher.

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