Accreditation for BS Programs in Animal Science

Implementation of the ASAS Accreditation Program continues to move forward. After the Proposed Standards of Accreditation were posted for public comment (view responses to public comments), an edited version was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors in Fall 2020. The Accreditation Standards for Animal Science Programs are available at

An important next step of implementation includes seating the membership for the newly formed Animal Science Council on Accreditation (ASCoA). Accreditation relies on capable and committed volunteers to serve on the Council that consists of Animal Science professionals committed to the next generation. 

As approved by the Board of Directors, the ASCoA has the responsibility for the implementation and conduct of accreditation actions.  This includes decisions on whether requirements of accreditation have been met.  Membership to the 9 member ASCoA will be established from applications received with selection and approval by the ASAS Board of Directors. Representation  on the Council will include:

  • 6 animal science educators
  • 2 animal science industry professionals
  • 1 government agency representatives
  • Accreditation Coordinator – Non-voting

All members of the ASCoA must be current members of ASAS in good standing.  Two members of the ASCoA must be members of the ASAS Board of Directors at the time of their appointment and may fill with any of the three representation categories.  The Accreditation Coordinator will be assigned by ASAS to support Accreditation activities and Council actions.

Membership on the Council will be for a three year term that may be renewed once for a maximum of 6 years continuous service.  Three year terms are staggered. The Council chair will be determined by Council vote.  

New members are determined by Council review of nominations received and recommendations forwarded to the ASAS Board of Directors.  Final decision on new membership resides with the Board of Directors.  When selecting new members, the Council and Board of Directors are expected to give consideration to diversity and inclusion, diversity of Animal Science programs in regard to size and geographic location and to diversity of professional experience.  Council members representing educators should reflect diversity in rank.  Industry and government professionals serving on the Council must possess at least one degree (BS, MS, and/or PhD) in Animal Science.   

Council members must agree to attend the annual meeting of the Council This meeting will be held in conjunction with the ASAS national meeting.  At this annual meeting Council decisions and actions on accreditation are made.  Council members should also anticipate monthly Zoom meetings especially early in the implementation process as the Council’s organizational structure, operating and management procedures, and training programs are established.  Travel and lodging for in person meetings will be covered.  

The ASAS Board of Directors will be accepting applications for Council membership until March 15, 2021.  The online application is available at and should be completed and emailed to


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