March 29, 2017

In memory of Philip A. Thacker

Philip A. Thacker,

Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan

Phil Thacker was born in Vancouver and received both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Animal Science from the University of British Columbia. His Ph.D. (1982) was from the University of Alberta on research entitled “The effects of dietary propionate on lipid metabolism in growing swine”.

He was a Regional Swine Specialist for Alberta Agriculture before joining the University of Saskatchewan as an Assistant Professor in 1984 in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science. Phil was a full professor by 1991. Phil’s main research areas focused on swine nutrition and reproductive management with the ultimate goal of improving industry practice.

He published over 220 peer-reviewed manuscripts and received numerous awards – a select few of which are the CSAS Young Scientist award (1989), the CSAS Extension Award (2009), CSAS Fellowship (2015), Saskatchewan Pork Industry Lifetime Achievement Award (2014), University of Saskatchewan Award for Distinction in Outreach and Engagement (2012) and in 2004 he received China’s National “Friendship Award” the highest award given by the Chinese government to foreign experts recognizing their contribution to China’s development.

Phil was also a devoted teacher, student advisor and he championed student causes. He received the National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture “Teaching Award of Merit (2001- 2), the USSU Student Advising Award (2012) and ASA Professor of the year (1997 and 2002). Phil was strongly engaged in philanthropic activities in the community.

Phil retired in 2014 and moved back to British Columbia. Sadly, Phil passed away on February 27th 2017. He will be remembered and missed by all who knew him.