March 29, 2017

Membership news

In case you haven’t renewed your CSAS membership, this is a friendly reminder to do so as soon as possible. The great news is that renewing your annual membership is a simple click away.  Click here to renew now for the 2017 calendar year. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunities for your students – only members are eligible for CSAS awards, so don’t forget to encourage your students to join – student membership fees are only $15!

Your 2016 fees were hard at work! 

Here’s a quick recap of some of the great initiatives your 2016 membership fees helped produce:

  • The CSAS Symposium “Reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock production” at the 2016 Joint Annual Meeting (ASAS / ADSA / CSAS / WSASAS) in Salt Lake City was a great success. Click here to see the list of abstracts.
  • Volume 98 (2016) of the Canadian Journal of Animal Science boasted 70 peer-reviewed manuscripts – over 200 manuscripts were submitted to the CJAS editorial board under the direction of our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kees Plaizier. Click here for the current issue.
  • Thanks to the kind generosity of our sponsors, the CSAS was able to provide over $10,000 in awards to its members in 2016! These awards include $6,000 for researcher awards, $3,000 for student travel awards, $1,000 for graduate student awards (oral and poster competitions), as well as $800 in undergraduate achievement awards. You can find a list of all our winners here – congratulations to all on your excellent work!


Don’t miss CSAS’s Wine and Cheese Event at the 2017 ADSA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh!

Be our guest at the CSAS Wine and Cheese Event at the 2017 ADSA to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from June 25-28th. Don’t forget to register for this fun event!

CSAS / ASAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show in 2017

Things are buzzing about ASAS/CSAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Baltimore, Maryland from July 8-12th. Our theme of “Animal Science and Technology: Ensuring Food Security” is bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders and we’re excited to see the program come together. Make sure to attend our Symposia on Sunday, July 9th from 2pm to 5pm covering “From One to All Biological Components – The New Approach of System Biology”, and “Healthy Food From Health Animals: The Emergence of Functional Foods”. Make sure to register today – and take advantage of your member discount. 

Your membership matters. Renewing for 2017 means that CSAS can continue to focus on:

Advocacy for agricultural research

o   Travel awards for undergraduate and graduate students;

o   Industry-funded Fellowship and Excellence awards for researchers

o   Research networking among Canadian researchers working in animal science

Dissemination of information on agricultural research

o   Better awareness of various programs, research, etc.; and

o   Increased knowledge on scientific research in Canada and internationally.


o   With stakeholders, colleagues from other groups, etc; and

o   With scientists, researchers, extension experts, industry partners, etc.

Renew or contact us today! 



Christine Baes, CSAS Membership Chair