October 04, 2011

Meeting Schedule

Attention ASAS-AAPA joint meeting attendees

It’s time to plan your Wednesday schedule. Here’s are tomorrow’s events:

Wednesday, October 5

Hall Central

  • 08:00–09:30 am

Salón Peralta Ramos

  • 08:00–09:30 am
    Poster mounting on boards for Sessions: PP, RF, TPP, EA and F.

Salón Real

  • 09:30–10:30 am
    Plenary Talk
    : “Pastures in intensive production systems: challenges to combine sustainability, competitively and environment”. David Chapman. Dairy New Zealand (New Zealand).
    Chair: Mónica Agnusdei. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina).
  • 10:30–11:00 am
  • 11:00–12:00 am
    Plenary Talk
    : “Nutritional benefits of red meat and its place in a sustainable diet”. Laura Wyness. British Nutrition Foundation, London (UK).
    Chair: Enrique Pavan. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina).
  • 12:00-13:00 am
    Invited EAAP-AAPA Talk: “Challenges of genomics in cattle”. Miguel Angel Toro. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).
    :  Carlos Mezzadra. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina).
  • 01:00–02:30 pm
    Lunch break.

Salón Peralta Ramos

  • 02:30–03:30 pm
    Poster round up with authors present during the poster open time.

Salón Real Sur

  • 03:30–05:00 pm
    Pasture Production and Utilization Session. Abstract discussion by Session Chair and invited Private Practice Consultant.
    Mónica Agnusdei. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina).
    Blanco. INTA EEA La Rioja (Argentina).
    Session Invited Talk: Gilles Lemaire. “Ecosystemic role of pastures in agro-ecosystems”. INRA Lusignan (France).
    Private Practice Consultant
    : Alfredo Garcia Santillán. (Argentina).

Salón Real Norte

  • 03:30-05:00 pm
    : Technology of Livestock Products Session.
    Abstract discussion by Session Chair and invited Private Practice Consultant.
    Maria Elena Cossu. Facultad de Agronomía, UBA (Argentina).
    Session Invited Talks: Tom Wheeler. “Understanding and Managing Variation in Meat Tenderness”. USDA, Roman L. Hruska, USA Meet Animal Research Center, ARS, Clay Center Nebraska (USA).
    Susan Duckett.
    University of Clempson, South Caroline (USA). Enrique Paván. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina). “Tenderness and flavor as affected by the production systems”.
    Private Practice Consultant: David Teilteumban (Argentina).

Salón Juan de Garay Sur – Centro

  • 03:30-05:00 pm
    RF: Reproduction and Fertility Session Abstract discussion by Session Chair and invited Private Practice Consultant.
    Ricardo Alberio. INTA EEA, Balcarce (Argentina).
    Session Invited Talks: Luis Ferré. “In vitro Bovine Embryo production: application to production systems with an economic view”. INTA EEA Rafaela (Argentina).
    Humberto Cisale. “Seminal Analysis as fertility predictor. Variations between different Species”. Fac. Cs. Veterinarias, UBA (Argentina).
    Private Practice Consultant: Ricardo Chayer (Argentina).

Salón Juan de Garay Norte

  • 03:30-05:00 pm
    EA: Agricultural Teaching Session. Abstract discussion by Session Chair.
    Carlos Rossi. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, UNLZ, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    Invited Talks: Hugo Alvarez. “What defines the quality of agricultural education? Experiences Argentina and the MERCOSUR expanded”. Fac.Cs.Agr., UNRosario (Argentina).
    María Alejandra Herrero
    . “Service-Learning, a tool to improve quality in Agricultural Education”. Fac.Cs.Vet., UBA (Argentina).
  • 05:00–05:30 pm
    Coffee Break.
  • 05:30–08:00 pm
    Sessions PP, TPP and RF continues.

Salón Juan de Garay Norte

  • 05:30-06:45 pm
    : Fauna Session.
    Claudia Faverin. INTA EEA Balcarce-UNMdP (Argentina).
    Invited Talk: Carlos Borghi. “Wild Fauna: uses, conservation status and sustainable management. Argentine situation with emphasis on the Central Andes”. Universidad Nacional de San Juan (Argentina). 
  • 08:00 pm
    AAPA  Annual Assembly.