December 02, 2011

"Animal Facts" Contest Winners

The ASAS Animal Facts Contest is over! Here are the winners:

Best Science Fact:

“Red kangaroo can pause the gestation process and hold a fertilized egg for up 200 days.” — submitted by Terron Phillips

Funniest Fact: 

“Frogs can throw up, but not the way humans do. They actually expel their entire stomach then use their forearms to “dig” the contents out.” — submitted by Lorialyn Turner

Overall best fact:

“Cricket chirps are temperature dependent. Count the number of cricket chirps in 13 seconds, add 40 and you’ll get the ambient temperature in °F.” — submitted by Carole Furedi

Thank you to all who entered! It’s too late to win one of the prizes, but you can still share interesting animal facts on the contest website: