March 30, 2012

This is what an (animal) scientist looks like


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Tired of the “mad scientist!” stereotype? A group of scientists and social media experts have teamed up to show the world what scientists actually look like. The “This is what a scientist looks like” project is a collection of photos and bios of real scientists working around the world.

The founders explain why they started the site:

“Have you ever searched the Internet for an image of a scientist? Of the first 20 images in a Google image search, only two are women, all are white, and most have either too much or too little hair. Oh and most are sporting spectacles,” they write.

They have posted hundreds of photos and bios in just the last three months, and the project has been featured on sites like Boing Boing, Science Sushi, and the Scientific American Blog Network. Are you a scientist? Submit your own photo to the website and help change the public perception of scientists.