July 16, 2012

Lauderdale Appreciation Club honors legendary reproductive physiologist

The Triennial Reproduction Symposium on July 15 was more than a chance to present the latest reproduction research, it was also an opportunity to recognize the contributions of animal scientists like James Lauderdale.

Throughout his career with The Upjohn Company Animal Health, Lauderdale was known for his research into postpartum cow and sow reproduction. By studying chemical signaling in animals, Lauderdale helped producers better control estrus and improve production efficiency.

Lauderdale also researched the use of steroids and bovine somatotropin to improve production. Lauderdale’s research with the lipid compound prostaglandin F2 led to the worldwide approval for the use of prostaglandin F2, Lutalyse® sterile solution, for use in cattle, mares and swine.

Lauderdale is known for his commitment to animal science organizations. He is both a past president of the American Society of Animal Science and a past president of the Federation of Animal Science Societies.

Several years ago, the American Society of Animal Science Foundation launched the James W. Lauderdale Appreciation Club. The club raises funds to sponsor the Triennial Reproduction Symposium. The title of this year’s symposium was "Impediments to Fertility in Domestic Animals."

The founding contributors were John Chenault, Mel DeJarnette, Harold Hafs, Mike Moseley, David Patterson, and Bob Zimbelman.

To learn more about the Lauderdale Appreciation Club, go to: http://www.asas.org/fnd_lauderdale.asp

You can also donate to the club to support the Triennial Reproduction Symposium in future years.