September 07, 2012

Photo of the week: Silver, progenitor Hereford in 1742

Silver the Hereford

American Hereford Association, writes, “This is an artist’s rendition of Silver, a cow located on the estate of Benjamin Tomkins in Herfordshire, England in 1742. A bull calf from Silver, along with two other cows on the same estate, are credited with founding the Hereford breed. The first Herefords were imported into the United States in 1817, and the first breeding herd was established in New York State in 1840. While only 200 Herefords had been imported into the US by 1880, over 3,500 were imported during the following decade. The Hereford breed association and registry originated in 1881.”

The photo can be found in the Animal Science Image Gallery as image number 4250. The gallery is a joint project of the American Society of Animal Science and the National Agricultural Library. Go to the site to see more photos or submit your own.