October 24, 2012

ADSA-ASAS Midwest Section abstracts due Nov. 20

The 2013 ADSA-ASAS Midwest Meeting will be held at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines

Submissions are currently being accepted at https://b-com.mcigroup.com/AbstractSubmission/ASAS_ADSA.aspx.

Submission instructions and Quality Standards for Abstracts can be found on the Midwest web page.

You will note that in an effort to better accommodate attendees we have moved to a new abstract submission system. You can login to this new system by creating a new account or you may login by utilizing your LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, or Windows Live accounts.

Registration is also available online for both ASAS and ADSA members. Registration for this year’s meeting will be taken through the ASAS web site. To register, please visit the online registration page.  You must login to register for this event. If you do not currently have a login you can create one by using the New Visitor Registration link on the login page.

If you have questions about the abstract system or registration, please contact Melissa Burnett at melissab@asas.org or Liz Higgins at Lizh@asas.org.

The continued success of the Midwest program depends on your contributions. We look forward to seeing you in Des Moines!