February 20, 2013

ASAS President discusses how scientific societies respond to crises


James Sartin, Auburn Unviersity

In January Dr. Jim Sartin, current ASAS President, traveled to Prescott Arizona to serve as Keynote Speaker for the Arizona Section, Society for Range Management Winter Meetings. Dr. Sartin presented an oral presentation titled: “To be or not to be.” In the presentation, Dr. Sartin concentrated on the major threats and obstacles facing the American Society of Animal Science and most other professional scientific member societies today.

The presentation focused on the current ASAS programs designed to respond to and mitigate the threats, the difference between proactive and responsive programs and how current threats have guided strategic ASAS decisions. Dr. Sartin’s presentation received high praise from the Arizona Section of SRM, with emphasis on the effort and impact of the varied programs on a small budget. To download a usable copies of the slides, go to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nuc26qofou4mfaa/ASAS%20talk.pptx