July 12, 2013

Ohio State scientist helps producers save money

Dr. Steve Loerch

As the cost of feedstuffs rise, animal scientists are searching for alternative feed management strategies.

Dr. Steven Loerch, a professor at The Ohio State University, dedicates his research to the study of animal nutrition. He focuses on management strategies that can improve the efficiency, profitability and nutritional quality of beef production.

In honor of his research, Loerch received the American Society of Animal Science Fellow Award at the ASAS National Awards Program on July 9.

Throughout his career, Loerch enhanced understanding of basic biological processes through applied beef cattle and sheep research. His research focuses on the following topics:

  • nutrition and management strategies for newly weaned calves
  • manipulation of intake to improve production efficiency and carcass characteristics
  • low-cost winter feeding programs for beef cattle and sheep
  • use of alternative feedstuffs as a replacement for high-priced corn

Loerch received his undergraduate degree from Penn State and his graduate degrees from the University of Illinois.

The ASAS Fellow is presented to animal scientists who have made excellent contributions to the animal industry and have had continuous membership in the ASAS for a minimum of 25 years. The American Society of Animal Science is a professional organization that serves more than 5,000 animal scientists and producers around the world.

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