October 21, 2013

ASAS Member Elected Next President of WCAP and ASAS and CSAS Win Joint Bid to Host WCAP in Vancouver in 2018


The WCAP General Assembly elected Dr. Jim Sartin to a 5 year term as the next President of WCAP. Dr. Sartin is the immediate Past President of ASAS. The election of Dr. Sartin as President of WCAP is in line with Dr. Sartin’s ASAS Presidential Plan that revolved around further internationalization of ASAS.

The 5-year presidential term coincides with the planning and execution of the 12th WCAP. ASAS and CSAS presented a joint bid to hold WCAP immediately before JAM in 2018. The General Assembly of WCAP accepted this bid. We are excited to conduct WCAP in front of JAM in 2018, enhancing the international flavor of WCAP.  See the ASAS-CSAS WCAP Proposal here.ASAS-CSAS_WCAPimage