October 31, 2013

Not all about Halloween, but here are 5 creatures thought to inspire legends!

  1. Okapis: It is believed that the okapi is the animal that inspired the myth of the unicorn. Okapi are deer-like mammals that live in the rain forests of Africa. Physically, they look like a combination of a giraffe, a zebra, and an antelope. Males have two horns and when a male is viewed from the side the two horns can appear as one, looking like the mythical unicorn.
  2. Protoceratops: The protoceratops was a sheep-sized dinosaur. The dinosaur had an enormous head and a parrot-like beak. When first discovered, the fossils were mistaken for the mythical griffin. The griffin is a mythical beast that had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion.
  3. Flamingos: The bright pink and red color of the flamingo is believed to have given rise to the legend of the phoenix. The Egyptians first described the mythical phoenix as a red heron-like bird.
  4. Giant oarfish: The giant oarfish is the world’s largest bony fish. The oarfish can grow up to 55 feet, spends most of its time on the ocean floor, and is rarely seen on the surface. It believed that the sightings of the giant oarfish inspired stories of giant sea serpents.
  5. Theropods: These were the most terrifying dinosaurs and they include the mighty T-Rex. It is believed that theropod skeletons are what inspired the legends of dragons.