February 20, 2014

Message from the ASAS President: Accredidation

ASAS Anmals small

In Taking Stock on Feb. 13, 2014, we told membership to look for more information on accreditation this week. The article generated significant commentary on accreditation from the membership. In general, the commentary was positive and suggested methodologies to consider, additional programs to review for information, committee participants, and methods to ensure that anything ASAS does to accredit animal science programs is a value add. In response to member feedback, we have asked Margaret Benson and Dean Hawkins committee chairs to work with their to investigate and initiate Program Accreditation to create a mission statement, a vision statement, and a mini plan for the membership to examine. In addition, the committee plans to hold a town hall meetings for ASAS members at the 2014 JAM to discuss the ins and outs of accreditation. We will release the committee work over the next several weeks.

Greg Lardy
ASAS President