March 06, 2014

JAS 25 Top Read Articles for February 2014

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The following are the top 25 read articles as of February 2014

Most-read rankings are recalculated at the beginning of the month and are based on full-text and pdf views.

J. B. Russell, J. D. O”Connor, D. G. Fox, P. J. Van Soest, C. J. Sniffen
A net carbohydrate and protein system for evaluating cattle diets: I. Ruminal fermentation
J ANIM SCI Nov 01, 1992; 70: 3551-3561.
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T. D. Etherton, D. E. Bauman, J. R. Romans
Lipolysis in Subcutaneous and Perirenal Adipose Tissue from Sheep and Dairy Steers
J ANIM SCI Jun 01, 1977; 44: 1100-1106.
(In “RUMINANT NUTRITION”)   [Abstract]
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K. A. Johnson, D. E. Johnson
Methane emissions from cattle
J ANIM SCI Aug 01, 1995; 73: 2483-2492.
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Parnich Tinnimit, Yu Yu, Kenneth McGuffey, J. W. Thomas
Dried Animal Waste as a Protein Supplement for Sheep
J ANIM SCI Aug 01, 1972; 35: 431-435.
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H. Mesa, K. M. Cammack, T. J. Safranski, J. A. Green, W. R. Lamberson
Selection for placental efficiency in swine: Conceptus development
J ANIM SCI Dec 01, 2012; 90: 4217-4222.
(In “Quantitative Genetics”)   [Abstract]
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J. V. O’Fallon, J. R. Busboom, M. L. Nelson, C. T. Gaskins
A direct method for fatty acid methyl ester synthesis: Application to wet meat tissues, oils, and feedstuffs
J ANIM SCI Jun 01, 2007; 85: 1511-1521.
(In “Meat Science and Muscle Biology”)   [Abstract]
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J. T. Yen, J. Killefer
A Method for Chronically Quantifying Net Absorption of Nutrients and Gut Metabolites into Hepatic Portal Vein in Conscious Swine
J ANIM SCI Mar 01, 1987; 64: 923-934.
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D. P. Poppi, S. R. McLennan
Protein and energy utilization by ruminants at pasture
J ANIM SCI Jan 01, 1995; 73: 278-290.
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Ronald R. Johnson
Techniques and Procedures for In Vitro and In Vivo Rumen Studies
J ANIM SCI Aug 01, 1966; 25: 855-875.
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G. L. Cromwell, K. L. Herkelman, T. S. Stahly
Physical, chemical, and nutritional characteristics of distillers dried grains with solubles for chicks and pigs
J ANIM SCI Mar 01, 1993; 71: 679-686.
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F. N. Owens, D. A. Sapienza, A. T. Hassen
Effect of nutrient composition of feeds on digestibility of organic matter by cattle: A review
J ANIM SCI Apr 01, 2010; 88: 151-169.
(In “Alternative Energy Sources in High-Energy Diets for Beef Cattle: Challenges, Benefits, and Management Options”)   [Abstract]
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D. J. Smith, W. L. Shelver
Tissue residues of ractopamine and urinary excretion of ractopamine and metabolites in animals treated for 7 days with dietary ractopamine
J ANIM SCI May 01, 2002; 80: 1240-1249.
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J. L. Voss, B. W. Pickett, D. G. Back, L. D. Burwash
Effect of Rectal Palpation on Pregnancy Rate of Nonlactating, Normally Cycling Mares
J ANIM SCI Sep 01, 1975; 41: 829-834.
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H. R. Guilbert, Alex McDonald
Weight Records on Purebred Beef Cattle during Growth, Gestation, and Lactation, Together with Data on Reproduction
J ANIM SCI Jan 01, 1934; 1934: 244-253.
(In “Nutrition”)   [Abstract]
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Terry D. Etherton, Paul E. Walton
J ANIM SCI Jan 01, 1986; 63: 76-88.
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L. E. Watkins, D. J. Jones, D. H. Mowrey, D. B. Anderson, E. L. Veenhuizen
The effect of various levels of ractopamine hydrochloride on the performance and carcass characteristics of finishing swine
J ANIM SCI Nov 01, 1990; 68: 3588-3595.
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N. H. Williams, T. R. Cline, A. P. Schinckel, D. J. Jones
The impact of ractopamine, energy intake, and dietary fat on finisher pig growth performance and carcass merit
J ANIM SCI Dec 01, 1994; 72: 3152-3162.
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J. D. Reed
Nutritional toxicology of tannins and related polyphenols in forage legumes
J ANIM SCI May 01, 1995; 73: 1516-1528.
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J ANIM SCI Jan 01, 1978; 47: 1-11.
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M. S. Madron, D. G. Peterson, D. A. Dwyer, B. A. Corl, L. H. Baumgard, D. H. Beermann, D. E. Bauman
Effect of extruded full-fat soybeans on conjugated linoleic acid content of intramuscular, intermuscular, and subcutaneous fat in beef steers
J ANIM SCI Apr 01, 2002; 80: 1135-1143.
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W. Windisch, K. Schedle, C. Plitzner, A. Kroismayr
Use of phytogenic products as feed additives for swine and poultry
J ANIM SCI Apr 01, 2008; 86: 140-148.
(In “Natural Phytobiotics for Health of Young Animals and Poultry: Mechanisms and Application”)   [Abstract]
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K. Stelwagen, E. Carpenter, B. Haigh, A. Hodgkinson, T. T. Wheeler
Immune components of bovine colostrum and milk
J ANIM SCI Apr 01, 2009; 87: 3-9.
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M. F. te Pas, F. J. Verburg, C. L. Gerritsen, K. H. de Greef
Messenger ribonucleic acid expression of the MyoD gene family in muscle tissue at slaughter in relation to selection for porcine growth rate
J ANIM SCI Jan 01, 2000; 78: 69-77.
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X. Jia, E. Veiseth-Kent, H. Grove, P. Kuziora, L. Aass, K. I. Hildrum, K. Hollung
Peroxiredoxin-6—A potential protein marker for meat tenderness in bovine longissimus thoracis muscle
J ANIM SCI Jul 01, 2009; 87: 2391-2399.
(In “Meat Science and Muscle Biology”)   [Abstract]
(Read 460 times)

B. G. Harmon, D. E. Becker, A. H. Jensen, D. H. Baker
Nutrient Composition of Corn and Soybean Meal
J ANIM SCI Apr 01, 1969; 28: 459-464.
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