April 10, 2014

Milk: White elixir or white poison? An examination of the associations between dairy consumption and disease in human subjects

Milk is valuable for all ages. Credit: Angela Elwood.

D. I. Givens, K. M. Livingstone, J. E. Pickering, Á. A. Fekete, A. Dougkas, and P. C. Elwood


  • Overall, milk consumption provides health benefits to all age groups.

  • Effects of cheese, butter, and fat-reduced and saturated fat-reduced milk and dairy products are less clear and require more research.

  • Public health nutrition policy related to milk consumption should be based on the evidence presented and not solely on the believed negative effects of dietary fat.

  • Milk is not a white elixir since no study has reported eternal youth from drinking it, but there is certainly no evidence that milk is a white poison!

Animal Frontiers April 2014 4:8-15; doi:10.2527/af.2014-0009

Full Article: http://www.animalfrontiers.org/content/4/2/8.full