November 03, 2014

Commentary on The Big Fat Surprise


Drovers CattleNetwork takes an in-depth look at Nina Teicholz’s blockbuster The Big Fat Surprise.

Drovers CattleNetwork Editor Mary Soukup introduces the series in “A big fat review”.

Here are links to the five-part series by Dan Murphy, Drovers CattleNetwork:

Commentary: Interview: Nina Teicholz”  — An interview with author Nina Teicholz.

“Commentary: The Big Fat Surprise: Part II”  — How sound science and common sense got stampeded in an effort to address an epidemic of heart disease back in the 1960s.

“Commentary: The Big Fat Surprise: Part III”  — Understanding the fatal flaws in the research that led Americans to cut back on animal foods in the mistaken belief it would lead to better health.

“Commentary: The Big Fat Surprise: Part IV”  — A promising way for industry to leverage positive change in how people relate to all the media reports indicting meat-eating and livestock production — it’s called positioning.

“Commentary: The Big Fat Surprise: Part V”  — Two key takeaways from the best-selling book.