April 06, 2015

New issue of Animal Frontiers available

April 6, 2015 – The April 2015 issue of Animal Frontiers is now available. The theme of the issue is “Insects as a source of nutrients: Beyond the Western prejudices.”

 Feature articles in this month’s issue include:
  • “Insects as a source of nutrients: Beyond the Western prejudices,” by guest editor Christiane L. Girard
  • “Imagination, hospitality, and affection: The unique legacy of food insects?” by Heather Looy and John R. Wood
  • “Edible insects—a novel source of essential nutrients for human diet: Learning from traditional knowledge,” by John N. Kinyuru, Joseph Birundu Mogendi, Chris A. Riwa and Nancy W. Ndung’u
  • “Insect-based protein sources and their potential for human consumption: Nutritional composition and processing,” by Birgit A. Rumpold and Oliver Schlüter
  • “Edible insects: a food security solution or a food safety concern?” by Simone Belluco, Carmen Losasso, Michela Maggioletti, Cristiana Alonzi, Antonia Ricci and Maurizio G. Paoletti
  • “Pre-Hispanic agricultural practices: Using pest insects as an alternative source of protein” by R. Cerritos and M. Klewer
  • “Insects in fish diets” by G. Tran, V. Heuzé and H.P.S. Makkar
  • “Insects: a protein-rich feed ingredient in pig and poultry diets” by Teun Veldkamp and Guido Bosch

The entire issue is available in open-access format. Read it here.