April 23, 2015

New JAS articles in Just Published


April 23, 2015 – Several new articles have been posted this week in the Just Published section at the Journal of Animal Science website.

The following articles were published on April 20, 2015:

Animal Nutrition

“Dietary marker effects on fecal microbial ecology, fecal VFA, nutrient digestibility coefficients, and growth performance in finishing pigs,” B. J. Kerr, T. E. Weber and C. J. Ziemer

“Mineral requirements for growth and maintenance of F 1 Boer × Saanen male kids,” I. A. M. A. Teixeira, C. J. Härter, J. M. Pereira Filho, A. G. da Silva Sobrinho and K. T. Resende

“Methane production and methanogen levels in steers that differ in residual gain,” H. C. Freetly, A. K. Lindholm-Perry, K. E. Hales, T. M. Brown-Brandl, M. Kim, P. R. Myer and J. E. Wells

“Effects of encapsulated nitrate on enteric methane production and nitrogen and energy utilization in beef heifers,” C. Lee, R. C. Araujo, K. M. Koenig and K. A. Beauchemin

“Direct-fed microbials containing lactate-producing bacteria influence ruminal fermentation but not lactate utilization in steers fed a high-concentrate diet,” N. M. Kenney, E. S. Vanzant, D. L. Harmon and K. R. McLeod

“Role of rumen butyrate in regulation of nitrogen utilization and urea nitrogen kinetics in growing sheep,” U. Agarwal, Q. Hu, R. L. Baldwin and B. J. Bequette

“Effects of roughage sources produced in a tropical environment on forage intake, and ruminal and microbial parameters,” R. C. O. Ribeiro, S. D. J. Villela, S. C. Valadares Filho, S. A. Santos, K. G. Ribeiro, E. Detmann, D. Zanetti and P. G. M. A. Martins

Animal Physiology

“Differences in mitochondrial DNA inheritance and function align with body conformation in genetically lean and fat sheep,” B. A. Henry, R. Loughnan, J. Hickford, I. R. Young, J. C. St. John and I. Clarke

Special Topics

“Feeding frequency, but not dietary water content, affects voluntary physical activity in young lean adult female cats,” M. R. C. de Godoy, K. Ochi, L. F. de Oliveira Mateus, A. C. C. de Justino and K. S. Swanson

Photo: Commons.Wikimedia.org