June 15, 2015

New articles in Just Published


June 15, 2015 – See what’s new in the Just Published and First Look sections of the Journal of Animal Science. Also, watch for the complete June 2015 issue (Volume 93, Issue 6) to be online soon!

The following articles entered the “Just Published” phase on June 12:

Animal Genetics

“Estimates of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in Brahman cattle breed”

Animal Nutrition

“Postnatal bacterial succession and functional establishment of hindgut in supplemental feeding and grazing goats”

Animal Physiology

Postprandial glucose, insulin, and glucagon-like peptide-1 responses of different equine breeds adapted to meals containing micronized maize”

“Dietary chromium methionine supplementation could alleviate immunosuppressive effects of heat stress in broiler chicks”


HORSE SPECIES SYMPOSIUM: Developmental programming: Applications in the horse

HORSE SPECIES SYMPOSIUM: Glucocorticoid programming of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and metabolic function: Animal studies from mouse to horse