August 10, 2015

Journal of Animal Science update: 5.8 months to publication!


By James L. Sartin, Editor in Chief, Journal of Animal Science

Aug. 10, 2015 – In a Taking Stock article prior to the Joint Annual Meeting, we announced that the journal had been reorganized and the Section Editors of JAS were moving toward a goal of decreasing the time from submission to publication. In that article, we reported that the time from submission to publication for research articles in the August issue of the Journal of Animal Science (estimated based on the month submitted to the month published) to be 6.4 months. We are happy to report that the positive trend continues.

The September issue is being compiled, and the time from submission to publication for this issue will be 5.8 months. Moreover, we have processed most of the backlog of papers in the review system, and the Section Editors are mostly working on 2015 submissions.

On behalf of ASAS, I want to thank our Section Editors, Editorial Board, reviewers, authors and the production staff at ACSESS for a job well done. This is the shortest time to publication in the journal’s history!