September 03, 2015

ASAS responds to Consumer Reports


Sept. 3, 2015 – The ASAS Board of Directors issued the following statement today in response to a recent Consumer Reports‘ article that implies ground beef from cattle raised under conventional management systems is not as safe as ground beef from cattle fed grass-fed or organic diets. 

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ASAS Responds to Consumer Reports’ Investigation of Ground Beef Safety

Ground beef from conventionally raised cattle does not put consumers at greater risk of illness.

Champaign, Ill. (September 3, 2015) — There is no difference in safety between conventional, organic, grass-fed, or natural ground beef, according to the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).

ASAS issued this statement in response to a recent Consumer Reports’ study questioning the safety of ground beef from conventionally raised animals1.

“The findings of the Consumer Reports’ study imply that ground beef from cattle fed grass-fed or organic diets is safer than ground beef from animals fed conventional diets,” said Dr. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, Chief Executive Officer of the American Society of Animal Science. “It has been well documented that there are no safety differences in ground beef produced under different management systems.”

Regardless of how it was produced, all raw ground beef can be contaminated with bacteria, and some of it can make you sick. As such, it is important to properly handle and prepare raw ground beef. Cooking ground beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended final step toward ensuring the safety of the ground beef you eat.

The U.S. beef supply is the safest it has ever been. The beef industry continues to implement stringent food-safety measures to ensure its products remain safe and wholesome for human consumption.



1“How Safe is Your Ground Beef? If you don’t know how the ground beef you eat was raised, you may be putting yourself at higher risk of illness from dangerous bacteria. You okay with that?” Consumer Reports, August 24, 2015


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