January 25, 2016

ASAS invites ADSA to form annual meeting committee


January 25, 2016 – Today Dr. Mike Looper, ASAS President, sent ADSA an invitation to form a committee to work with the ASAS Annual Meeting Strategic Planning Committee toward creating a co-located ASAS-ADSA meeting in 2021. The invitation was in response to ongoing conversations between ASAS and ADSA concerning a co-located meeting in 2021 and in response to an ADSA request for ASAS to join an ADSA-appointed JAM study committee.

Please note, ASAS declined to participate in the “JAM” study group as proposed by ADSA for the following reasons:

  1. Committee structure was not representative of ASAS membership.
  2. The make up of the committee would not allow for accurate representation of programmatic and financial issues associate with “JAM.”
  3. ADSA appointed key committee members to represent both ASAS and ADSA without consulting ASAS.
  4. The committee would not have been empowered with an actionable charge.
  5. The committee structure was not in line with ASAS Board of Directors proposal to members.

In order to move forward, ASAS is in the process of appointing the committee described by the ASAS Board of Directors to the membership in the second “JAM vote.” The annual meeting strategic planning committee will be composed of ASAS members (Board members and ASAS members that are not on the Board). Criteria for service on this committee will include: 1) JAM/ASAS annual meeting attendance a minimum of 3 of the last 5 years, 2) a minimum of 5 consecutive years of ASAS membership, and 3) service on at least 1 JAM/ASAS annual meeting program committee in the last 5 years. If ADSA opts to plan a co-located meeting with ASAS in 2021, they are invited to impanel their own committee with their committee structure and these two committees will work together.

In order to facilitate a quick decision concerning a 2021 co-located meeting, ASAS is willing to concede the following pieces of the process to ADSA:

  • ADSA can pick the location of the co-located meeting in 2021.
  • ADSA can negotiate and finalize all housing and convention center contracts – with the caveat that the headquarters hotel for ASAS is the same price as the headquarters hotel for ADSA.
  • ADSA can negotiate the convention center prices with the caveat that the autonomous bills for ASAS and ADSA at the convention center are in similar cost structure.
  • ASAS and ADSA will split exhibit revenue 50:50 and will work together to build the exhibit hall.
  • Sponsorship will be solicited separately, but we will come up with a list of unique benefits for groups that sponsor both.

The ASAS Board of Directors will instruct our committee on the following criteria for a co-located meeting in 2021:

  1. The meeting will not be called JAM.
  2. It will have ASAS days – joint days – ADSA days – (e.g., structured similar to the Plant and Animal Genome {PAG} meetings). The trade show would fall during the overlap days.
  3. Each society will be allowed to establish their own registration fees. Registering for one or the other allows attendance on the overlap day(s).
  4. All joint expenses will be mapped out ahead and split 50:50.