July 22, 2016

Battle of the Brats and Big Scoop winners announced

Slide1University of Nebraska's bratsJuly 21, 2016 – Winners of the 2016 Battle of the Brats and Big Scoop ice cream Competition were announced last night at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Awards Ceremony. Attendees at the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) Opening BBQ were able to sample brats from fourteen different schools and ice cream from three different schools. They could then vote for their favorite product. After the votes were tallied, University of Nebraska was determined to have the best brat and Washington State University’s Apple Crisp Ice Cream was chosen for best ice cream.

Universities competing in the brat competition included:

University of Arizona, University of Arkansas, University of California-Davi,s University of Florida, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, University of Nebraska, North Carolina State University, North Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University, Purdue University, Texas Tech University, Virginia Tech, West Texas A&M, and University University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Universities competing in the ice cream competition included:

University of Connecticut, University of Nebraska, Utah State University, and Washington State University.