August 01, 2016

Western Section names new officers


August 1, 2016 – The Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) announced its new Executive Committee officers at the annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We extend a warm welcome to the new WSASAS officers:

President – Dr. Shanna Ivey, New Mexico State University

President Elect – Dr. Connie Larson, Zinpro Corporation

Past President – Dr. Michael Salisbury, Angelo State University

Secretary-Treasurer – Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme, North Dakota State University

Advisory and Coordinating Chair – Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Oregon State University

ASAS Director – Dr. Glenn Duff, New Mexico State University

Graduate Student Representative – Stacia Prosser, New Mexico State University


A special thank you to the outgoing officers for their service to WSASAS:

President – Dr. Michael Salisbury, Angelo State University

President Elect – Dr. Shanna Ivey, University of Connecticut

Past President – Dr. James Berardinelli, Montana State University

Secretary-Treasurer – Dr. Connie Larson, Zinpro Corporation

Advisory and Coordinating Chair – Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme, North Dakota State University

ASAS Director – Dr. Jack Whittier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Graduate Student Representative – Kelsey Quinn, New Mexico State University


Contact information for the new Executive Committee members can be found on the WSASAS webpage.