August 15, 2016

Marques awarded Joseph P. Fontenot Scholarship

By Jamie Hawley, ASAS Communications Intern

August 15, 2016 – Mr. Rodrigo da Silva Marques was named the recipient of the 2016 Joseph P. Fontenot Appreciation Club Travel Scholarship by the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) during its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Marques also was named a 2016 Young Scholar by the Western Section ASAS (WSASAS). Read more about his award in this press release.

RodrigoMr. Marques is originally from Brazil where he received a B.S. in Animal Sciences from Sao Paulo State University (Unesp-Dracena). After graduating, he worked as a manager of a beef cattle feedlot facility for 2 years. In 2009, Mr. Marques started a M.S. program in Animal Science at University of Sao Paulo- Esalq under supervision of Dr. Flavio Augusto Portela Santos, with his research focusing on feedlot nutritional management to beef cattle. Mr. Marques graduated in July 2011, and immediately moved to Oregon to start a research intern program under Dr. Reinaldo Cooke’s supervision. In 2013, he started a Ph.D. program at Oregon State University with Dr. Cooke, focusing on maternal nutrition of beef cattle and its effects on the offspring performance.

Mr. Marques has already authored and co-authored 18 published articles, as well as 2 book chapters, 9 proceedings papers, 20 professional meeting abstracts, 9 research reports, and 7 popular press articles. In 2014, he received the 1st and 2nd place Applied Animal Research Awards at the Western Section American Society of Animal Science Scientific Meeting. Moreover, in 2015, he received another 2nd place finish. Upon graduation, Mr. Marques’ ultimate goal is to work as a professor/research scientist, and apply the knowledge obtained throughout his education career to develop technologies that enhance beef production system.

The Joseph P. Fontenot Appreciation Club Travel Scholarship supports travel for graduate students of the Southern Section ASAS Scientific Meeting and the National Annual ASAS Scientific Meeting. The Joseph P. Fontenot Appreciation Club Travel Scholarship is sponsored by the Joseph P. Fontenot Appreciation Club.

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