August 18, 2016

D’Amico awarded 2016 Young Scientist – Educator

By Jamie Hawley, ASAS Communications Intern

D'AmicoAugust 18, 2016 – Dr. Dennis D’Amico has been named the recipient of the 2016 Young Scientist – Educator Award by the Northeast Section, American Society of Animal Science (NE ASAS), and the Northeast Section of the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA) during the annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Dr. D’Amico has spent his career serving the dairy industry in the northeast. At the University of Connecticut (UConn), he expanded his regional workshops to provide education on safe cheese‐making practices, regulations, and public policy. To date the Artisan/Farmstead Cheesemaker Food Safety Workshop program has directly reached over 750 attendees including cheesemakers, educators, retailers, and regulators across the U.S. Dr. D’Amico has worked directly with more than 40 small dairy businesses in the northeast to build an integrated research, education, and outreach program focused on supporting and enhancing the safety and quality of value-added dairy production.

Dr. D’Amico’s laboratory group concurrently conducts basic and applied research to fill data gaps and develop preventive controls for small dairy producers to further minimize the risks of contamination. Dr. D’Amico’s research lab also serves as an educational tool through the mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students on research in dairy science and microbiology. At UConn, he developed Dairy Technology classes that emphasize hands on learning activities so students can further explore their specific interests in dairy science while developing their research and writing skills.

As part of his education and outreach mission, Dr. D’Amico serves on the Board of Directors of the American Cheese Society (ACS) and helped write and edit the ACS Code of Best Practices. In addition to more than 30 abstracts and peer-reviewed journal articles and 17 invited presentations, Dr. D’Amico has published several book chapters, entries, and reviews, and serves on the technical committee for the 18th Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products.

The Young Scientist – Educator Award recognizes the outstanding contributions to the broad field of Dairy Science by a young scientist as an educator.