August 18, 2016

Five awarded Wilson G. Pond International Travel Award


By Jamie Hawley, ASAS Communications Intern

August 18, 2016 – Ms. Deidre D. Harmon,  Ms. Faithe Keomanivong, Ms. Gloria A. Casa, Ms. Jill Larson, and Mr. Matthew Crouse were named the recipients of the 2016 Wilson G. Pond International Travel Award by the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) during its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Ms. Deidre D. Harmon

Harmon (2)Ms. Harmon grew up on a cow-calf Charolais farm in Galax, Virginia. She received her B.S. in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011 where she also minored in Chemistry. From there, she pursued a M.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech University where she focused her research on phosphorus excretion in forage fed beef cattle. Upon completing her degree at Virginia Tech University in the summer of 2014, Ms. Harmon started a doctoral program in Crop and Soil Sciences at the University of Georgia.

Ms. Harmon is currently working on an interdisciplinary project focusing on the evaluation of warm season annual forages in forage-finishing beef cattle production systems. She hopes to pursue an academic career developing comprehensive extension programs on the utilization of forages in beef cattle production systems.

Ms. Faithe Keomanivong

Keomanivong (2).jpegMs. Keomanivong is from Mechanicsville, IA. In 2008, she obtained her B.S. in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. As an undergraduate, she was involved in ruminant nutrition and water quality research projects with Dr. James Russell, which stimulated her interest in cattle production and environmental impacts and encouraged her to continue her own research in an animal science graduate program.

Ms. Keomanivong obtained her M.S. degree at Iowa State University and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at North Dakota State University, where she works in ruminant nutrition under the direction of Dr. Kendall Swanson. Her Ph.D. research focuses on effects of variable rations found commonly within the Midwest and their effect on rumen function and greenhouse gas emissions. She hopes to continue to work in animal science research after the completion of her degree.

Ms. Gloria A. Casa

Casa (2)Ms. Casas is a Ph.D. student in the Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Illinois, where she works under the guidance of Dr. Hans H. Stein. She received a M.S. degree and a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the National University of Colombia in Bogota, Colombia. She has extensive experience from the Colombian swine industry, and from teaching and conducting research at the National University of Colombia. Ms. Casas’ research towards her Ph.D. degree is focused on determining the nutritional value of rice co-products when fed to pigs.

Ms. Casas has published 4 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals from her Ph.D. research and 5 additional manuscripts have been published from her research in Colombia. In 2015 she was the recipient of the International Graduate Student Travel Award at the University of Illinois and she used this award to travel to The University of Aarhus in Denmark to learn techniques to analyze for carbohydrates in feed ingredients.

Ms. Jill Larson

Larson (2)Ms. Larson grew up in south central Minnesota and received her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She is currently completing a M.S. degree at the University of Missouri in Ruminant Nutrition, where she is advised by Dr. Allison Meyer. This travel fellowship will allow her to present research investigating the changes in neonatal beef calf blood chemistry during the first 72 hours of life at the World Buiatrics Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr. Matthew Crouse

Crouse (2)Mr. Crouse is from El Paso, TX. He received his B.S. in Animal Science with an Equine emphasis and a minor in Chemistry from New Mexico State University in 2014. As an undergraduate, he was involved in research projects with Dr. Laura White and Dr. Shanna Ivey studying glucose flux and insulin resistance in mature vs. senior horses, which stimulated an interest in his own research in an animal science graduate program.

Mr. Crouse is currently continuing his education at North Dakota State University (NDSU), where he is pursuing his M.S. in Ruminant Nutrition under the direction of Dr. Joel Caton while simultaneously fulfilling a ¾ time appointment as a technician in the NDSU nutrition laboratory. His M.S. focuses on the effects of maternal nutritional status on nutrient transport expression and supply to bovine utero-placental tissues during the first 50 days of gestation.

Mr. Crouse placed 3rd at the 2014 Western Section American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) Scientific Meeting undergraduate poster competition, as well as 3rd in the 2015 WSASAS graduate student paper competition. He plans to continue to pursue a Ph.D. in Animal Science with an emphasis in fetal programming.

The Wilson G. Pond International Travel Award aids in the professional development and success of young animal scientists in an international venue. The Wilson G. Pond International Travel Award is sponsored by the Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club.

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