August 18, 2016

Top 10 JAS reviewers in 2015


August 18, 2016 – During the ASAS annual business meeting last month, Dr. Jim Sartin, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Animal Science (JAS), reported journal data for 2015. In 2015, 2,376 individuals served as reviewers for JAS. Among all of these reviewers, one group is distinguished for the number of papers reviewed. The top 10 reviewers for JAS in 2015 are:

1.   Hans Stein

2.   Jon Schoonmaker

3.   David Buchanan

4.    Kristin Hales

5.    Layi Adeola

6.    Josef Gross

7.    Phillip Miller

8.    Barry Bradford

9.    Kendall Swanson

10.  Dustin Boler

The Journal of Animal Science will reward the top 3 reviewers by providing free page charges or a complimentary upgrade to Open Access for one article published in the Journal during the next 12 months. The Journal will reward reviewers ranked number 4-10 with an upgrade to Open Access at no additional charge for one paper published in the Journal during the next 12 months.

The top 10 reviewers were calculated from the ScholarOne reviewer database. If you contribute to reviewing papers for JAS, you could receive free page charges or an Open Access article in 2017! Log into your ScholarOne reviewer center and update your information to ensure your information is accurate. If you are not in our reviewer database, and would like to review papers for the Journal of Animal Science, email James Sartin at or Brett Holte at

The Journal of Animal Science depends on the efforts of our reviewers to maintain our status as the premier journal in animal science.