September 08, 2016

We need your ideas for Jr. Animal Scientist

dairycalfSept. 8, 2016 – Help ASAS put animal science information in the hands of kids across the country. Give us your ideas for the 2017 issues of Jr. Animal Scientist

Would you be willing to serve as an expert on a particular topic? How about helping us out by recruiting a group of undergraduate or graduate students to write content for the magazine?

Jr. Animal Scientist is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Individual, family, and school or group subscriptions are available. The magazine features articles about animal science concepts, interesting careers, and fun activities for kids. Subscribers also receive a monthly e-mail newsletter to supplement information found in the magazine, as well as access to exclusive content at

Interested in sponsoring a subscription for a classroom in your community? Learn more about classroom sponsorship in this Taking Stock article.