September 19, 2016

New JAS section titles


Sept. 19, 2016 – The Journal of Animal Science has expanded its list of section titles. The publication now offers 40 section titles for authors to choose from when submitting papers to JAS. Dr. Jim Sartin, JAS Editor-in-Chief, says the new section titles increase the choices available to authors and allow them to be more specific when choosing a section that represents their papers. Following is the complete list of section titles for JAS. Section titles will run on an as-needed basis within the table of contents. More information can be found in the Instructions for Authors.

  1. Animal Behavior and Cognition
  2. Animal Genetics and Genomics
  3. Animal Health and Well Being
  4. Animal Models
  5. Arid Land Animal Production
  6. Cell and Molecular Biology
  7. Companion Animal Biology
  8. Companion Animal Nutrition
  9. Dairy Products
  10. Environmental Animal Science
  11. Exercise Physiology
  12. Feeds
  13. Fetal Programming
  14. Forage Based Livestock Systems
  15. Gastrointestinal Biology
  16. Growth Biology
  17. Housing and Management
  18. Immunology
  19. Integrated Animal Science
  20. Lactation and Mammary Gland Biology
  21. Meat Science
  22. Metabolism and Metabolomics
  23. Microbiology
  24. Microbiome
  25. Molecular Nutrition
  26. Muscle Biology
  27. Neuroendocrinology
  28. Non ruminant nutrition
  29. Pasture and Grazing Lands
  30. Proteomics
  31. Reproduction
  32. Ruminant Nutrition
  33. Special Topics
  34. Sustainable Animal Science and Practices
  35. Symposia
  36. Technology in Animal Science
  37. Toxicology
  38. Wildlife Management
  39. Zoo and Exotic Animal Management and Nutrition
  40. Board Invited Reviews