November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday: Donate to the ASAS Foundation


ASAS Foundation Recognizes Members on Giving Tuesday

Each year we receive thousands of emails announcing Black Friday Specials, Small Business Saturday Incentives and Cyber Monday Deals, but we receive far fewer advertisements for a day when we can truly make a difference: Giving Tuesday!

This year the ASAS Foundation asks that you give to the Foundation on Giving Tuesday! An ASAS Foundation gift can have a lifetime impact. Most gifts to the ASAS Foundation are to one of our many Appreciation Clubs – these Clubs are set up to honor and pay tribute to animal scientists who have made great impacts throughout their careers. The clubs serve double duty, first to honor and remind us of their namesakes and second to provide funds to  directly support ASAS members! Visit the ASAS Foundation website to learn about all the clubs.

Today the Foundation is actively fundraising for the following clubs:

  • The Dr. Temple Grandin Appreciation Club: Inarguably one of the most famous animal scientists in history, Dr. Grandin has worked tirelessly to identify, improve, and educate concerning animal behavior and animal welfare. Proceeds from her Appreciation Club will be used to educate the next generation of animal welfare scientists.
  • The Dr. Mike Galyean Appreciation Club: This club honors the contributions that Dr. Galyean has made to both animal science and to our society. The funds from the club will be used yearly to support the publication of a high impact ruminant nutrition review in the Journal of Animal Science.
  • The Dr. Ronald Randel Appreciation Club: This fund is to honor Dr. Randel’s outstanding service to SSASAS, his dedication to graduate education, and his scientific contributions. The inaugural invited lecture will occur at the February 2017 SSASAS meeting in Tennessee.
  • The Dr. Gretchen Hill Appreciation Club: Dr. Hill’s Appreciation Club met its $25,000 goal last summer, but this club is designed to help support student programs at the Midwest meeting. These programs continue to grow and consequently additional support is always needed.
  • The Dr. Darrel Goll Appreciation Club: Fundraising began on this club following Dr. Goll’s death when a few people were looking to honor his memory. Dr. Goll was famous for being passionate about student development; therefore, once funded the proceeds from his Appreciation Club will be used to fund attendance at the AMSA student leadership conference.

The ASAS Foundation has many ways to give and throughout the course of a year, providing over $100,000 in direct support back to members of the American Society of Animal Science. The ASAS Foundation ensures student travel, internships, international engagement, publication, awards, and the highest quality scientific programming.

As you are considering donations on Giving Tuesday, we humbly ask that you consider giving to the ASAS Foundation.