February 07, 2017

Meet the TAS Editorial Board


Meet the Editorial Board of our newest journal, Translational Animal Science. Also check out the papers published in Vol. 1, as listed in this Taking Stock article.

James Sartin, Editor-in-Chief

Sigrid Agenas, Uppsala University, Sweden

Dustin Boler, University of Illinois, USA

David Casper, Furst-McNess Co, USA

Frank Dunshea, University of Melbourne, Australia

Maria Devant, IRTA-Torre Marimon, Spain

Chantal Farmer, Sherbrooke R & D Centre, Canada

Josef Gross, University of Bern, Switzerland

Stephanie Hansen, Iowa State University, USA

Defa Li, China Agricultural University, China

Allison Meyer, University of Missouri, USA

Phillip Miller, University of Nebraska, USA

Cheryl Morris, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, USA

John Patience, Iowa State University, USA

Christopher Schauer, North Dakota State University, USA

Evan Titgemeyer, Kansas State University, USA

Erminio Trevisi, Università Cattolica S. Cuore, Italy

Translational Animal Science Editorial Board and Staff