February 13, 2017

Meet our 2017 Australian interns


ASAS is pleased to welcome two communications interns from Australia to our headquarters in Champaign, Illinois. Our 2017 interns, Ashlee McEvoy and Penny Young, share their bios below. Welcome Ashlee and Penny!

Hi everyone, I am Ashlee McEvoy (at right in photo) and I am one of the Australian interns selected for the 2017 ASAP/ASAS internship. I grew up on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia in a small, rural town called Minnipa, where I lived for over 18 years. I attended a small area school of 60-70 students called Karcultaby Area School. Here my favourite subject was always Agriculture as we got involved in many animal projects such as led steers and showing wethers. My father is a farmer and my mother a teacher and I grew up surrounded by horses, sheep, cattle and crops.

In 2013 I graduated and in 2014 moved to Adelaide to complete my degree in Bachelor of Science (Animal Science). This degree went for three years and I participated in many side projects as well as the required subjects. Some of the things I participated in include the Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging university team in Wagga Wagga, a university study tour in China about the conservation of tigers, I was a member of the university led steer competition at the Adelaide Royal show and also participated in a summer scholarship at the beginning of 2016 in reading cortisol levels in sheep wool.

I’ve now completed my undergraduate degree and am currently looking to complete a Masters of Teaching in 2018 when I return to Australia after completing this internship in Illinois for the American Society of Animal Science.


My name is Penny Young (at left in photo), and I have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the two communications interns in the joint American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP) program for 2017. We will be working at the ASAS headquarters in Champaign, Illinois from January to April.

I am from Melbourne, Australia, and last year completed my undergraduate degree majoring in Animal Health and Disease at the University of Melbourne. I also studied subjects associated with microbiology and immunology and have a particular interest in biosecurity, epidemiology and zoonotic diseases.

This scholarship is an incredible opportunity and I am looking forward to taking part in the events the ASAS has organized during our internship, in particular the Midwest section meeting and the university visits.

Read more about this internship in Taking Stock Australia.