February 13, 2017

New JAS frequent reviewer rewards program


Why review for the Journal of Animal Science? What’s in it for me? The new JAS frequent reviewer rewards program is the answer! In 2016, the journal made incredible strides, and reviewers of JAS met and exceeded challenges presented to them. As a reward, we are rolling out a new journal frequent reviewer rewards program. Beginning with 2016, we will keep track of your lifetime review record and every time you complete 20 reviews you will be eligible to receive a free publication in JAS (1 free paper = 10 journal pages in length).

We have pulled the journal review stats for 2016 to be used as a starting place, and a number of authors are already closing in on their first free paper. Please contact the ASAS office at asas@asas.org if you want to know where you stand.

It’s easy! Collect 20 reviews. Then, when a paper that you submit is accepted, notify ASAS and collect your award to reduce your page charges.

Remember to review papers and publish your work in ASAS journals:

Journal of Animal Science

Animal Frontiers

Translational Animal Science