February 23, 2017

Animal science in Brazil


Kim Schoonmaker, ASAS Scientific Communications Associate, has been touring several farms in Brazil with her husband, Jon Schoonmaker, Purdue University Department of Animal Science, and Jon’s dad, Gary.


Cristo Redentor overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro

First stop on our 14-day visit: Rio de Janeiro for a few days of sight seeing of the beautiful beaches, as well as the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and “Sugar Loaf Mountain.” Magnificent views from both of these iconic places!


View of Rio beaches from Sugar Loaf Mountain. Visitors ride two sets of cable cars to get to the top.

February 17 – Jon Schoonmaker demonstrates muscle biopsy technique to colleagues at a state government research farm in Colina, São Paulo State, Brazil. Later we tour the animal facilities and feeding area.

February 18- Toured state research facility in Sertaozinho, São Paulo State, Brazil. A major focus of this farm is the use of breeding and genetic selection to improve feed efficiency of Nelore and Senepol cattle.

February 18 – Afternoon tour of UNESP in Jaboticabel, São Paulo State, Brazil. Some of the Nelore bulls raised at this farm are fitted with a methane collection system.

February 21 – Jon Schoonmaker gives lecture on animal growth and development to graduate students at Universidade Federal De Lavras (UFLA) in Lavras, Minas Gerais (state). During the afternoon, we toured a diversified farm near Lavras. It consists of a 150-cow Holstein dairy farm (currently harvesting corn silage), a coffee plantation and 25,000 free-range laying hens.

February 22 – Tour of UFLA dairy and the dairy farm of one of our hosts, Marcos Neves Pereira, via horseback. Both of these farms milk Holstein cows.

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A placemat at a beachfront restaurant in Rio shows location of Brazilian cuts of beef.


Individual feeding system for Senepol cattle at a state research facility in Sertaozinho, São Paulo State.


Nelore bull fitted with a methane collection system at UNESP in Jaboticabel.


Jon Schoonmaker demonstrating muscle biopsy technique to Wendell, an animal science graduate student at UFLA in Lavras, Minas Gerais (state), Brazil.